Two things I’m sure you’ve been desperate to find out.

What essential provisions do we keep in our solar powered campervan fridge ?

And what exactly is that King Arthur’s Round Table next to our Penrith campervan pitch ?

I have no idea. But at least it’s not busy.

Mrs RM was busy that morning, so I was despatched to find her chocolate croissants (from the lovely Nitro coffee van) and somewhere she could argue about IT issues for 4 hours.

My search reminded me what a little treasure Penrith town centre is.

OK, the traffic flow spoils it slightly, but the independent shops and bars put it on a par with Leek, though a bit behind on the Bass.

But ultimately, it’s Spoons you need. Open from 8am, refillable coffee for 99p and almost edible food, and no-one seems to mind if you spread out your office and conduct your business all day.

Shame the Iinternet kept breaking.

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