We’ve struggled up to Friday 24th September 2021 with the posts now. A critical day in the Great Northern Campervan Tickathon, as we’ll see over the course of the next 3 days.

I dropped Mrs RM in the Whitehaven Spoons, her third of the trip, ordered her breakfast on the App, and accidentally took a photo of the carpet. It’s a corker.

Egg Benedicts were back, I presume Whitehaven is upmarket now it has a Conservative MP.

Very quiet though, with not takers at 9am for the impressive beer range. #CaskIsDead

With Mrs RM sorting French IT issues out all morning I had time to explore a town I’d only seen in the dark 2 years ago.

There’s a lot of attractive housing down by the marina, which seems obsessed with the local Rugby League team.

The pubs remain a bit “earthy”,

and merely calling a shop “La Chic” doesn’t make it so.

That Market Hall would make a great Brunning & Price.

With a new GBG pub that didn’t open till noon, I headed for the Beacon, a great museum of local history that seemed very keen to see me in an 1820s Regency ball dress.

Four floors take you from the middle ages, when stained glass windows commemorated the execution of publicans offering tasters (BRAPA seen scuttling out the back door),

the cutting-edge fashion at Sellafield (top),

and gender-neutral toys like Mouse Trap.

Anyone as old as me will remember the joy of receiving Mouse Trap for Christmas c.1977, though I can’t imagine any 12 year, boy or girl, pleased to receive the Duran Duran live album in 1984.

One more chance to change gender in the Regency room.

No, don’t like that look either.


      1. I’ll take you up on that, and in return, a half of Punk IPA in the Thule Bar is yours. But it’s Shetland. Shetland.


  1. My lad has a friend who hails from Workington -after Uni in Sheffield he hung out in L**ds for a while before finally returning back home to Workington & buying a house -a cash purchase I believe -anyone south of Watford would have cried “How much !! ” Well under £100000 . He seems to like it there & as you say -Rugby League is king !

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    1. And why not !

      Workington (same as Whitehaven) has all the usual shops, cheap beer, nice coast and countryside, and with a Tory MP keen to impress can only be on the up!

      On the other hand, it’s miles from the rest of the country but if you don’t care about that you’ll be OK.


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