Just in case you hadn’t realised, BRAPA did make the Ale House eventually, determinedly coming back 5 days later to do it and not trusting my help this time #hurt.

Back to my other visitors, and for all I know Mick wanted to be alone on his trip to Sheffield, But you’ll know we don’t do things that way here (blimey, only 9 months and I’m already sounding like a Northerner).

Being sociable with guests is far more important than gardening, I said to myself as I sneaked out the back door on the stroke of 12, avoiding Mrs RM’s evil glare.

That’s not Mrs RM’s evil glare, that’s a hidden statue down by the Don, where Kelham Island presented two contrasting sides to Sheffield’s pub scene.

In the Gardener’s Arms Rest, Mick told me the Equilibrium was “all right, actually”, so I had a pint with my lunch.

Blimey, it was high quality, cool and rich (NBSS 4), one of the very best beers of the year. And we had the riverside garden all to ourselves on Friday lunchtime. What can people be doing that’s more important than lunchtime drinking ?

I’ve wrote about the Gardener’s, and I’ve wrote about Heist, your IndySheff in a shed.

What does Citra think ?

Well, I thought How We Diddlin’ was a rating, but apparently it’s the name of the beer Mick added to Untppd, which sounds like the devil’s work to me.

Eclipso Facto, as they say in Elsecar. Mick was impressed; I hoped it would get a bit busier soon or the keg beers would go off. Does keg ever go off, though ?

There was furious activity behind Mick’s head.

It was either a scaffold for those who scored less than 3 on Untppd, or stillage for the Draught Bass they’re adding to get Heist in the GBG. I favour the latter.

5 thoughts on “HOW WE DIDDLIN’ ?

  1. Does keg ever go off? Real beer people tell me yes, but I have never encountered a keg where I would have said that is off. I have wondered what stale keg identifiers taste like. Maybe some keggers will say. I am curious if something like Carling can age out? Not that Carling is around long enough to see whether it would or not.

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    1. I guess most pubs only have one or two cheaper lagers that make up 50% of trade so they have no problem clearing a barrel.

      Contrast with 4 handpumps providing 10% of trade if you’re lucky, with beer sitting in the barrel for 3 days to a week and no-one thinks that’s a problem.

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