I had a day off from blogging yesterday, attempting to find something to rhyme with Sutton Poyntz.

Best I could come up with was Steffen Freund, but it’s not known that he ever played at Weymouth, unlike Steve Claridge.

Here’s your complete guide to Sutton Poyntz.

Fascinating, huh ?

The OS extract is more fun.

Boiling Rock, Spring Bottom, a White Horse, and “Preston” (or is it Blackpool East ?); all going on at the edge of Weymouth, perhaps compensating for the unfathomable lack of a new tick on Portland this year.

The Springhead is situated at a dead end in an idyllic location.

They even answered the phone when I called, and showed enthusiasm for my visit for a quick half despite me not being their target audience.

Yes, it’s a wannabe Brunning & Price without the passive aggressive “rules” signage.

Pubs seems largely back to 2019, for better or worse, but the Springhead is firmly in the “queue here, wear your mask, card only, don’t touch the bar” camp.

Most of the gentlefolk seemed very, very nervous about queueing, and wondered why they couldn’t order food on the App. Oddly, they could order drinks outside, but had to come to the bar to order food. Wrong way round, surely.

I seem to say this a lot this year, but it needs to be said. The staff were superb, dealing well with confused and cautious customers including a bloke despatched to the bar who then had to phones his girlfriend in the bar to ascertain her order (Thatcher’s). Pubs would run far more efficiently without customers.

You might thing the things below are for placing your Colin or Baa Baa in, but they’re actually Champagne holders.

I didn’t actually see anyone drinking Moet, but the gentlefolk certainly weren’t hitting the cask.

Well, one chap did, a Dartmoor Jail (top), so my choice was made.

Now, I don’t want to re-start the sparkler debate, cobs v baps is bad enough, but I do like my beer flat. See: Bass in the Star, or Doom Bar in the Eclipse. This was gorgeous, a cool, rich 3.5.

And to accompany the light, unidentified jazz, an actual meeting about insurance in the pub which resulted in a recommendation for Sheila’s Wheels. If the nice lady was mis-sold I’m happy to be a witness.

I wanted to bring you pics from the Gents, or “man cave”, but with that existing litigation hanging over my head I can only tell you to visit yourself, with an open mind.


  1. If you ever get tired of ticking GBG pubs, I recommend a second post-career occupation: photographs of pub toilets. I was in the Badger Bar on the road between Ambleside and Grasmere last week, an old favourite of mine, and can recommend the toilets there. See my photos from 2016: (to be clear, the photo of the women’s toilet was taken with my camera but it wasn’t my finger on the trigger, if you take my meaning). Is there another pub toilet in the whole of Great Britain that has been literally blasted from a rock face?

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