Bear with these posts as we get to cherubic Chester next for our Bank Holiday overnighter, but first, a stop in Atherton which I can’t think of an adjective beginning with “A” for.

Just south of Atherton lies Gin Pit, home to a Miners Welfare Club I swear made the GBG a while ago.

Nowadays it’s a town full of gin bars, though the Atherton Tap seems to be doing fine on cask beer, whatever that is.

Now I never hold grudges, but this was my third attempt to visit the Tap in a month, foiled most recently by a closing day moved from Wednesday to Tuesday without notice. Save that treatment for BRAPA, please.

In a nice tribute to Tony Allen (RIP), the Elland Porter (NBSS 3.5+) was served in a Phoenix pub. It was stunning.

Mrs RM needed food though (why can’t folk carry their lunch around like BRAPA ?), and I suddenly panicked. Like Newcastle-under-Lyme or Stockport, Atherton is a drinking town, with barely a bap to soak up the suds.

NO ! Mrs RM, don’t go in there.

We DID strike lucky, though, as What Pub guided us to the Curiosity Liquor Saloon, just across from the karaoke hell of the Wheatsheaf.

Craft keg, including Guinness and Eddinger come, kicking and screaming, to the Wigan pit towns.

Actually, this was a classy place to match anything in Kelham Island, the beer was dead cheap, and the staff charming.

“Brunch” ? Cosmopolitan, mate. Is the Drunker Sailor related to the Jolly Nailor ?

I’ll be honest, the tuna melt was good value stodge, despite the pretence of the salad.

I left a great review, and a tip so large (I miscalculated) they may have called the money laundering police.

But enough of food and drink and tipping, it’s the loo you want to see.

Add a handpump, get in the GBG, make Atherton the next Middlesbrough.

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