Sorry, you’ve missed Aunty Ginger

The big question, is it Aunt or Auntie ? Which camp are you in ?

Dick and Dave Southworth (other acceptable Americans are available) will be in torment today as they realise they’ve missed “Everyone’s Favourite Camp Auntie” due to my laziness in bringing this blog up to date.

Into Greater Bolton.

We arrived in Horwich just before Sunday opening to find one chap driving his scooter to the back of the queue.

Horwich used to be a town of Holt Mild and Bank Top in corner pubs with fake plastic plants, like a Radiohead outtake.

Now it’s brewery taps and gin bars to tempt in the pashmina and Helly Hansen crowd on their way back from Rivington Pike to watch Aunty Ginger.

Tap & Cork was one of my last Lancs licks, with its limited micro hours.

But although there’s a few authentic micropub touches,

the keg range and entertainment screams “late-night venue”.

Look how patiently Mrs RM waits for her Clwb Tropica. Is she on Untppd do y’reckon ?

No idea what I had, something local and pale (NBSS 3), which narrows it down to about 377 beers.

Luckily I can tell Pipers a mile off.

Yes, the only customers on a Sunday afternoon, so we had a robustly ’80s soundtrack to ourselves. By this stage in August I was starting to realise that pubs might be back but the punters weren’t.

9 thoughts on “Sorry, you’ve missed Aunty Ginger

  1. Yes, Martin, the absence of punters is worrying.

    Mrs. E and I have just spent a pleasant – but quiet – warm afternoon at a nearby hitherto Brains outlet, where the beer mats are now Marston’s.

    I brought one home. It features a picture of a smart, well-groomed young gentleman, and on the other side it says:

    “Introducing Pedigree, or “P” as it was first known. Strange that, looking back. Anyway, it has a fascinating aroma, with a palate of biscuity malt, spicy hops, and light fruitiness.

    It was renamed in a staff competition back in George Peard’s day. He was our head brewer at the time – that’s him on the other side. Cheers George”

    I think that the tone of that historical thumbnail is bang-on, so well done Marston’s marketers. And I have to say, I’ve not had a bad pint of Brains for some time now either.

    I tried a Marston’s 61 Deep today, which is a modern style blonde giving Jarl, Hophead and the like a run for their money. While I feel for the innovators when the big boys move in on their ideas, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – if that’s any comfort.

    And there’s one for the thesaurus too “Fascinating – like boiled eggs”

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      1. Interesting, I switched to it after a couple of Brains Bitters, and perhaps it was just the contrast, but that was how it seemed to me at that moment – but I know literally nothing about its provenance, Martin.

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      2. Marston’s Bitter was renamed as Saddletank, I read.

        61 Deep (their well, in metres) was invented in 2016 or thereabouts.

        Fear not, I’m not going to make a habit of this.


  2. Just add it to our daily torment. Tuesday had even more due to spending 3 hours alone with 3 grandchildren, a 2 year old and 2 that are 10 months old! (I lie, we had fun.)

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