Can there be a more attractively located place than Atherton, the jewel in the “bit between Wigan and Bolton“.


Note “Dangerous Corner”, an area reserved for BRAPA comfort breaks, and Gin Pit, an area reserved for BRAPA after 6 pints.

The mining towns between A580 and M61 (“58061 AM”) are largely corkers, though Tyldesley tended to monopolise the Holt boozers.

A big welcome to Atherton’s Wheatsheaf, looking lovely at dusk on Sunday.

The entire population of Atherton in the pubs

I entered to a stupendous noise. “Arthur’s Song” being murdered as never before, and Christoper Cross had a good go.

Yes, Sunday afternoon is Karaoke.


I’d say all human life was here, but to be fair pashminas were in short supply.

As if all this doesn’t sound exciting enough, prepare yourself;


Yes, cheaper than Spoons. This was a Pound Pub when I was last here, but prices seem hardly to have changed (it was a pound a half).

I invested the extra 20p in the Pedi.

Note eager fingers

And took the seat nearest the mic to enjoy a cool, crisp pint of Pedi. NBSS 3.5 and I cannot tell a lie.

But she has… FAITH.. in me

I nearly wept.

No takers for Sheena’s 9 to 5 (Morning Train to Yanks), and I felt vulnerable so close to the mic.

The meat raffle brought a pause to proceedings.

One pound a strip. Two pound and I won’t“. said our hostess.

I laughed.

Young mixed with old, pullovers mixed with cardigans, fun was had. Stuff your rule-obsessed micros.

But follow this rule, fellas.

I left to the sound of Haircut 100 and “Favourite Shirts”.

Mark would love the Wheatsheaf.


    1. Yes well done GBG.

      I wrote down “never have i seen a GBG more unlikely but more deserved”.

      Though the Caledonian round the corner is just as lively.

      You’ve obviously inspired the GBG this year, BeerMat. Now for the Stamford and Warrington in the Guide.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m only half joking about the golliwog. There’s a pub on King’s Lynn riverside I visited that had great beer but spectacularly un-PC views. Never got in GBG.

        Duncan, Charles and I have all done it this year and been amazed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, the C & M, perhaps.

        Yes, my sympathies for that venue were attenuated rather, by the posting on a review site, of strings of one-hit-wonder appraisals, which sought to deny that the landlord was racist etc.

        The believable postings, by committed reviewers, strongly suggested that he was, on the other hand.


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