Onto Boothstown.

One for the OS fan here. Boothstown, in mining country (take the dead end to Astley Lower Green and see the workings) in Salford, or Greater Manchester for us Beer Guide completists.

A rare visit beyond posh Worsley, but the Royal Oak looked familiar.

Ah yes, it was my anonymised pub 2 years ago, serving one of the best pints of Holt I’ve had outside the Hare & Hounds. Don’t see much Holt in the GBG these days, do you ?

You do see a lot of 4pm openers, or at least that’s what the Royal British Legion Facebook page says, and Facebook pages are 107% accurate.

Time to admire the gentrification stretching west from Eccles into Woollybackland, with a Gin distillery at Coal & Cotton and barrier to prevent the Man United players getting in from their Carrington training ground over the canal.

Clubs, eh ?

You never really know what to expect, whether you’ll be welcome, out-of-place, look like a Billy No Mates.

Well, I was first in, and got no grilling, and had a minute to admire the Salford styling.

Clearly the Legion doesn’t make the GBG this year because it sells beers you’ve never heard of, but a choice of Holt or Wainwright is a proper choice, albeit one I don’t need after I see the word “Bitter”.

I sit outside in a tarmacked garden that would seat a hundred, amongst the flowers, and the distinctive Holt taste hots straight away. It’s a 3.5, no a 4, as good as it gets.

But you can see that from the lacings.


  1. I thought Boothstown was the archetypal market town somewhere off the upper reaches of the M6, full of gentlefolk shopping at the UK’s classiest supermarket? (Waitrose is for plebs)

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