More Woolyback excitement for you as I enter the rarely visited Culceth, the Yarm of the West (checks compass, yes, west).

One of the least visited large villages in England, after Waterbeach, and seemingly only famous as the birthplace of Andy Burnham. But look closely just south-west and note “Little Town”, which inspired a famous Christmas carol. This blog is, and will continue to be, your source of all useful knowledge.

Less useful is the CAMRA Good Beer Guide App, which reckons the new GBG tick is here;

Now, I’ll admit I’d already forgotten the name of my target when I arrived at that dot, but I knew it was something that sounded like a nightclub.

Savannah 19 Cocktail Lounge ? Could be.

It was closed ! Typical micros.

I checked the GBG App. Oh, it’s actually Liberty’s Gin Bar & Private Party Hire Venue. Snappy name, bit like that one in Stalybridge (no, not Q).

16:30 is clearly not the Golden Hour in Culceth, but I wasn’t the lone customer, and the guvnor treated me like lost family returning after a trip away (not Meghan).

I ignored the handpumps and looked longingly at the “Cocktails on Keg” the kids love,

before settling on the one that said “Champion Beer of Cheshire 2016”.

This immediately outed me as a CAMRA, and the Guvnor chatted trade and breweries from Arclid, which I pretended I knew where it was.

It was good, but not quite as good as the lacings might suggest.

If only I’d not deleted my copious notes at the Yoga field last week I could have told you what the music was.

Isn’t there a Black Mirror episode where you can look into a fish’s mind and find out what music it was or something.

Sadly, Black Mirror isn’t real. Is it ?


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