Oh, go on then. Have some quick and nasty hand pump porn.

No better place than the A50 corridor for your Bass and Pedi handpumps.

This was actually just a fish and chips stop in “Estimable Etwall”, a title the Tourist Office can have for the price of a pint (£3.40).

The Spread Eagle isn’t a GBG entry these days, which shows you how good Derbyshire is, but be warned, there’s some dodgy folk in these parts.

Staring at Bass mirrors has a certain effect on locals., steering them away from the craft and onto the BBB.

I ask you, is there anything better than that Pedigree pump clip (c. 80s ?).

Actually, I didn’t see the Bass pump till I’d paid, but it was no hardship. A lovely sulphorous drop (NBSS 3.5+) that almost matched Holly Bush standards.

It’s no classic inside, so I took it into the garden while I waited for my haddock and chips (NFCSS 3.5), which had been waiting at least 5 minutes when I got there but still burnt the top of my mouth off.

Next time I stop by, I’ll try the Burton Bridge and the battered sausage for you.

6 thoughts on “A BURTON TRINITY

    1. Well, Ed, we’ve had accordion playing at Last Night Of The Proms, so many things are possible.

      You might start an Ind Coope appreciation thread on these estimable pages.


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