“Every Pub In Sheffield On Foot” sounds easy, till you look at my next pre-emptive trek.

See how the blue dots eat up 2:27 hours but barely scratch the surface of the city.

Fulwood is a suburb on the western edge of the Porter Valley, just shy of the Peak District boundary, home to Hallam FC and some solidly closed old pubs.

As Sheffield Hatter and Citra, who’s just visited our great city, will confirm, there are NO easy walks in Sheffield and the trek from home via Crookes and the enigmatic Carsick (long story I’m sure) is a series of rises and descents in typical Northern heat that earns me a pint in Fulwood Ale Club.

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 46 – Fulwood Ale Club, Fulwood

Now, I’m no fan of pubs called “Ale Club”, “”Beer School”, “Hop Stop” or “Draft & Craft” etc etc and you’ll no doubt shortly be hearing from BRAPA about his Thursday torment on the way to the Fulwood’s big GBG brother on Ecclesall Road (keep up at the back).

BUT the Fulwood Ale Club is a proper neighbourhood bar which at 18:00 on Thursday seemed a microcosm of neighbourhood life.

Children, couples, old boys, ladies who Prosecco, the odd roaming pub ticker.

Probably no-one actually there for the Cloudwater, which I somehow missed till looking back at these photos.

Being a professional, I waited for the locals to pick a cask beer and followed their lead.

And then headed for the naughty seat in the corner, seeking respite from the heat (this was only 2 weeks ago but seems a lifetime).

Brew Foundation, I think (lost my notes laughing at yoga, you knew that), and very, very good. Cool, crisp, foamy, 3.5. I hope it gets in the GBG, obviously, though then Simon will expect a lift out here.

Chatty, charming service from the hard-working barman, and a slightly upmarket feel in the Gents where you can peruse the AA Road Book of Scotland (1966),

and a drawing of an historic UK town. IF you can guess the place without cheating you’re better than I am.

I strolled back through the string of gorgeous Sheffield parks, somehow surviving the joggers and staying upright on the stepping stones.

A big crowd had gathered at the edge of Porter Brook to see something.

Now, I’m no expert, but I think that’s a bird. #Nature

10 thoughts on “FULWOOD ALE CLUB

      1. “Hangs head in shame ” I did look it up though & learned some fascinating facts about Walsall so I am better off than I was yesterday

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  1. Writing of Proper Neighbourhood Bars, Mrs. E and I called in at the Tavarn Sinc the other evening. There’s little point in my saying much about it because we found that it still conforms to your every word here in our opinion: https://retiredmartin.com/?s=tin+shed

    However, Mrs. E perhaps scored a point, by asking the way to the ladies in her best Englishwoman’s Welsh, which attracted a lengthy reply from the landlady, who watched her carefully as my dearest followed every turn exactly.

    On the other hand, my asking for two menus in like manner caused me to fail to grasp a single word of what came back, and after switching to English, it appeared that she assumed that we wouldn’t want to wait an hour or so until eight, so shook her head.

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      1. When you google their website and click on their website it loads in Welsh (quite rightly too, they’re Welsh not English). Took me a minute to see the English button at the end.

        That’s a very dull food menu, even in Welsh !


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