Right, Darwen.

Always a joy, albeit an irregular one of late.

5 years ago I raved about the espresso and paninis at Deli Carlo, so with an hour to wait till Bird In Th’ Hand opened (I thought) it was time to join the hipsters for lunch.

Look VERY closely and you’ll see Jubilee Tower at the top of the hill.

The chap with the pipe took fake umbrage when I moved a chair to aid his passage. “I may be ancient but I’m not decrepit !”, and he got his lunch before me.

I kid you not, it’s worth coming here especially for Deli Carlo, even if you live as far away as Accrington. This is the Special. You should always order any dish called “Special”.

Darwen was pleasingly busy, folk drawn from all 3 corners of Blackburn by the famed busker (PRESS PLAY NOW);

What IS he singing ?

Pleasingly, and irritatingly at the same time, Bird In Th’ hand had opened 20 minutes early, although the Guvnor seemed reticent to acknowledge that the open door and Open sign meant they were actually open.

Something for everyone here. Since I lost my notes at the Yoga tent (Let it go, RM), I can’t confirm what I had except it was probably NOT Tap 11 “Very Insulting What You Said About My Coat“.

Great beer, as you can see, and a lady near the bar playing acoustic guitar. I told her she should busk. “I DO !” she said.

I bought a bottle of Duchesse de Bourgogne, which was daft as I had to drag it up the hill to Jubilee Tower and don’t know how to take the cap off a bottle without an opener. I bet Matt does.

Always fun following a tractor. I love the fumes and dirt it leaves behind.

Half an hour to the top, from where you can 17 open micro pubs (and 63 closed ones).

I note that UK restoration are recruiting staff to help complete the conversion of Jubilee Tower.

Good pay, but you have to walk up and down each morning. A good way to burn off the 735 calories in that salami and cheese panini.


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