The mystery table explained

You’ll remember this table.

Mrs RM putting her score for Burton Bridge onto Untappd, I guess.

Should have paid more attention to the bag under her feet.

Yes, that’s her posh fold-up winter coat (useful this last week) which we finally traced back to the Bird in Hand after numerous phone calls and a forensic analysis of my before and after photos akin to the one in “Girl with the dragon tattoo“.

I offered to go back to Cheadle and collect it; it’s possible the town has postal services but I have my doubts.

It’s got a Wetherspoons, though, so there must be Wi-Fi. Didn’t Spoons invent internet ?

Good to get a photo of the Bird in Hand in its full glory, without signage. Quite how I failed to be tempted by the Chinese takeaway across the road remains a mystery as great as Mrs RM’s ability to leave an item behind on every journey.

Different staff, different customers, different beers.

I thought I’d better pay a storage fee by buying a pint of Bridge Bitter.

£3, possibly less, from memory. Mrs RM loses things, I accidentally delete my notes, we’re even.

I’d definitely visit the pub on a busy night to see “Basic Staffs Boozer” in all its glory, but the beer lacks the crispness you’d expect from Leek or Congleton and, of course, isn’t Bass.

Could have been worse, that coat could have been left in a Brunning & Price.

7 thoughts on “The mystery table explained

  1. You know like young kids have that long knitted thread that goes up the arms to connect mittens and stop kids from losing them?

    The CAMRA approved equivalent is the utility belt of things attached with camping clips. Gagooles, tankards, 1st aid kits, beard oil, steak bake pocket. All attached to the belt.

    Buy one for your wife this xmas, She will thank you and tell you its the best present she’s ever had.

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