“Shall we find a beer garden” said Mrs RM, after our exhausting 2 hours exploring Damien Hirst and sharing a Toblerone ice cream at the Scuplture Park Cafe, which in itself was an art piece.

No new GBG ticks for about 137 miles, of course, but do I spot a potential pre-emptive in delightful Darton, a new tap for Nailmaker Ales not far from where we stayed in a tent recently.

Not only did the Anvilhave outside seating from which to admire Posh Barnsley,

but it also WANTED our custom. Grief !

“Hello, are you after customers” we said, standing at the gorgeous entrance at 16:01.

Well, that got a welcome fit for a King. Mrs RM said “Get something cold, And posh crips”. Sadly the 10% one was next up.

Ooh, they’ve got Night Jar, and their own lovely Pale.

Judge for yourself, proper Northern heads there, and both a solid foamy 3.5.

No sign of the Plum Porter, but that’s a line-up better than anything I saw in Dorset this week.

There’s a bus that takes you between all the pubs, many GBG in Darton and Mapplewell, the most unsung string of Guide pubs in the North.

So surely the Anvil is a sure-fire pre-emptive tick ? The usual prize if you know why it might not be.


      1. Erm, because they forgot to update the blackboard when the beers on the bar changed? A capital offence in most people’s books, I’m pretty sure. Don’t know if it’s serious enough to get you excluded from the GBG.

        Oh, wait a minute – I’ve got it! Any pub highlighted on this blog as a potential GBG entry is automatically sent to the back of the queue and forced to sell Doom Bar for five years before being reconsidered.

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      2. Anyone who’d read every word of my blog would know the answer, but I guess people are fickle.

        I agree on blackboards promising Plum Porter but none on the bar. See you had a choice of PP tonight…


  1. The Toblerone ice cream looks good. I shall have to look out for those, although they wouldn’t go particularly well with the beer.

    Americans may beg to differ – as evidenced by the list of fruit flavoured beers my brother in law has recently sent me. šŸ¦šŸ“šŸ’


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