OK, OK, it’s really Hanley, but it’s slotted under a Stoke sub-heading in the GBG and that’s what counts. In 2014 we stayed in the Hanley Premier Inn and I walked to Newcastle-Under-Lyme to save the bus fare, so the mile from Stoke Station was a doddle. Hanley doesn’t have the greatest of reputations, despite… Continue reading ….AND A NIGHT OUT IN STOKE

The mystery table explained

You’ll remember this table. Mrs RM putting her score for Burton Bridge onto Untappd, I guess. Should have paid more attention to the bag under her feet. Yes, that’s her posh fold-up winter coat (useful this last week) which we finally traced back to the Bird in Hand after numerous phone calls and a forensic… Continue reading The mystery table explained


Nothing wrong with Cheadle, Cheshire/G.Manc, of course, it’s almost Stockport. But it lacks the, er, earthiness of the mysterious town in the Staffordshire Moorlands enjoying its first Beer Guide entry for a decade (stat fans). This Cheadle is a workmanlike old mining town whose economy rests on the JCB factory and presumably the need to… Continue reading CHEADLE (NOT THE CHESHIRE ONE, THANKFULLY)