With Mrs RM wardrobe restored, I could refocus on my day job of finishing GBG counties, starting with Greater Manchester’s hipster central.

Yes, it’s Wigan, innit.

I came back from Wallgate rather than North Western for reasons that will later become obvious.

I SHOULD have popped in the newly-reopened Swan & Railway, shouldn’t I ?

But despite it being gorgeous, and selling pies (what else in Wigan) and possibly even Bass,

I had a busy, busy schedule before my new tick opened at 14:00.

Mainly involving photos of red brick splendour,

and what I prefer to think of “development opportunities” rather than urban squalor.

If anyone has used The Wigan Fitness Centre with its pre-decimal phone numbers, I’d love to hear from them, but I suspect it’s actually a trendy club like the Bethnal Green Social Club or something.

The streets north of the stations are a history tour in their own right. Venture up King Street (private security available, call A in M 270915) to see the town’s famous Northern Soul venues, where underdressed youths from Atherton and Billinge came in the late ’70s to cut some rug to Blondie, Joy Division and the Manic Street Preachers.

A pub, you say ? A fine idea.

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