As I mentioned the other day, there’s some stupid hotel prices being quoted as our summer (“what Summer ?”) limps to an end, as lifeless as an Arsenal performance at the Etihad.

Pub men have their work cut out finding cheery B & B s from which to tick Guide entries using unreliable trains.

Step forward, the Bell in Horden/Peterlee.

Beautifully situated for an attack on Durham (not literally, unless my last GBG micro is closed), starting in Stockton.

The big news from Stockton is that the parmo has been banned by Public Health England Art Deco Globe has re-opened and looks forward to welcoming (checks notes) McFly in September.

Frankly, Stockton looks magnificent these days; all it needs is visitors to its burgeoning collection of micros and craft beer bars* tucked into the alleys off the High Street.

Darlington is prim and proper and has bars called Juniper and Artichoke. In earthy Stockton they’re the Golden Smog and Lucifers.

If you’re wondering what’s round the corner it’s a Sam Smiths pub I sense will never make the Guide, but which I’d probably love.

Lucifers was quirky, welcoming, and had decent Citra Nova from Durham, but could have done with another customer. Even if they picked up that guitar and mangled “Wonderwall” like the busker in Darlo.

It was closing shortly, to be fair, and I’d had to dash to catch it, a sense of panic that pervaded as I rushed to get to my final County Durham tick up the road.

And that’s my excuse for missing out this classic.

And you know what that pub’s famous for, don’t you ?

*I’m not joking; I just checked What Pub and there’s two more micros opened since I visited.


      1. I didn’t give much thought to the Sun until your blog but it is now a family favourite!

        It’s miraculous to see the delight in the middle aged or pensionable finding something new in beer.

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      2. I would never have gone in The Sun, either, except it was in the Beer Guide in that odd time before micropubs.

        I love the fact the two best selling beers are Carling and Bass, while next door they’ve got Cloudwater and Almasty in the Hope Union.


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