Mrs RM was off having a week to herself in Northern Ireland while I dealt with a few family issues. I’m going to curate a post from her Irish photos for you, which include this classic;


I spent Thursday in the Irish Quarter of Birmingham, attempting to complete the West Midlands chapter of the GBG.

Two years ago (where does the time go ?) I stayed in Digbeth Ibis and saw the magical Julia Jacklin ask a room of Brummies what Birmingham was famous for.

Well, it’s micro pubs and beer bars, ain’t it ?

I headed south to Kings Heath, home of the alternative music scene, some challenging art,

and the clean lines of the Hop & Scotch Bar.

As mentioned before, I’m still wearing my mask to the bar. But Hop & Scotch was pretty much the first place (of 75 different pubs) since July 19 where every one of the staff was wearing a mask.

Table service too, which was fine, as I was sitting yards from the bar and could see the Kinver Witchfinder, a cool, rich, full-bodied dark beer (NBSS 3.5).

But it was very quiet, a bit cerebral for my taste, with Beirut and Wilco on the playlist adding to the indie folk vibe

See ! There’s people reading books ! In Birmingham !

Only joking. I thought it was pitched perfectly at the Kings Heath demographic, a nice place for a quiet beer.

But a man can only have so much quiet. Leaving the charm and calm of Bordesley Circus Ibis next to St Andrews, I took the scenic route to the big city.

Odd place for a Tesla showroom, I thought.

And where’s Life After Football when you want a tour guide ?


  1. I’d play a game call guess the gentlemans attributes. i’d guess retired teacher, liberal democrat, remain, camra member, fantasises about Fiona Bruce being so impressed with his attic tat, she rides him like seabiscuit.
    Then i’d have a polite chat to see what i got right and see whether i missed a sign of what i got wrong.

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    1. Bang on, Cookie, just like that bunch who turned up in clown outfits with their kids, blowing party squeakers, to enliven our Nigel’s Sunday lunch at the Queen’s in Downe, and whom he described as “terrorists” eh?

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