My little Aygo is in for its MOT today so I’m on tenter hook (?) seeing if it’ll survive to see its 200,000th mile (in 6 years).

While I wait, I’ll press on with the Brum posts, starting with a newbie just outside the modern terror that is New Street Station.

The approach via Digbeth to Cherry Red’s, the sole new Guide entry, is charm itself.

OK, OK, it’s an acquired taste, as is this artwork of Mick Hucknall David Bowie,

and the remodelled station is not universally loved (I like it, it’s just I always get lost).

Just past the Chinese restaurants you reach John Bright Street and the Brew Dog, across from which you get Cherry Reds, which has NOTHING to do with the UB40 hit from 1983 which wasn’t “Red Red Wine”.

But I did hear UB40 in two pubs that night, which would prove my point that they, even more than the Sabs, are the quintessential Brummie band.

Cherry Reds seems familiar, and it transpires it’s taken a decade to reach the GBG, so what’s got it in the Guide now ?


It’s the beers you haven’t heard of, isn’t it ?

Now, let me say upfront, I really like the quirkiness of the place, reminiscent of Halifax’s Grayson Unity if it was shifted into Manchester’s Stevenson Square.

A nicely mixed after-work crowd, all better dressed than me, were enjoying everything apart from the cask and my knee.

And that was the only problem. The Fownes was horribly overchilled; perhaps if I’d had half an hour to coax it back to life it would have edged closer to a 3. Or perhaps I should just stick to keg in these places and throw myself on the mercy of the GBG Ticking Council.

But I had to dash. The train through a grim looking Aston, mourning the loss of Grealish to the Champions, waits for no man.

19 thoughts on “CHERRY (RED) OH BABY

  1. I’ve had a decent breakfast in Cherry Red, but it’s not really a place to spend any length of time, is it? I do recall having a more than decent pint of Twisted Barrel in there a few years ago.


  2. I like Cherry Reds, but I’ve only ever quaffed red wine in there!

    Regarding New Street Station, the best way to avoid getting lost is to use the b platforms…they’re configured exactly as they were before! Even I get lost in there if I’m not careful!


  3. Not been to Cherry Reds but John Bright street used to be the place to go in the late eighties.. nice to see it’s still going with Brewdog, cherry reds and the railway is surviving!

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    1. Cherry Reds is a cracking little place, does a cracking breakfast and bloody mary. Usually a good selection of ale .
      Yes John Bright Street was really quite lively pre pandemic, the turtle bay probably being the most popular, especially with the cocktail crowd.

      There’s a pub on the corner (the crown?) Which really needs to re-open

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