On the Thursday Mrs RM and I did an exciting train journey into the next county. I’ll leave you guessing where we headed, but it cost c.£16.

With 17 minutes till the train to Leeds (red herring) and being on the same platform as the station entrance, there was no excuse for not popping into the Sheffield Tap, despite Mrs RM being OFF BEER.

Not my first visit since reopening, but the best.

Cheery welcome, no Covid Fuss, lovely seat with a view of the train to Elsecar.

And the best beers (both from in-house Tapped) of the month. So far.

Mrs RM said so, before she nicked mine.

“Can’t miss the train” she said, not unreasonably.

I’ve read a lot about the death of cask on CAMRA Discourse of late, mainly from London commentators, but this was real “Try this” stuff. NBSS 3.5/4. If you clean the lines and sell a barrel in a day or two it’s still nectar.

At Leeds we had just enough time for a wee, or two, before the onward journey and even greater riches.

But where were we headed with this street art to greet us ?

15 thoughts on “CASK IS BACK

  1. Fewer places serving better cask might be what it takes to make it a premium product. Cask is the most expensive pint in the bar where I drink in the US. More based on rarity than quality.

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    1. That was my experience in New York and DC too, both US cask and imported British.

      I don’t think many people will switch from their Craft Union to a cask pub if Craft Union (or Spoons) drop real ale. And it won’t just be price, it’ll be atmosphere. See how many Sam Smiths drinkers move if the Boars Head drops cask OBB !


    2. You’re probably right. Nothing sadder than a pub with one token handpump with beer that nobody drinks. CAMRA will say put more cask on and they will drink it. NO THEY WON’T. Rather have a happy keg only pub. (Even more rather have a happy good cask pub but we can’t have everything)

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  2. I’m glad you approve of the house beers at the Sheffield Tap.

    That station looks like Hebden Bridge, but you were there just the other day…

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  3. I’m not certain that cask IS actually back, but I’m pleased to report that in my admittedly limited experience of post July 19th pubs, the cask offerings have been first class. 😊


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