Yes, it was Hebden Bridge we were headed for, only 3 days after my ticking fail at Nightjar. Tickers never quit.

What a lovely station.

And what stunning urban art in the skate park for which the town is no doubt renowned.

The Nightjar wasn’t open till 3. Should we book ? No, it surely can’t be that busy, and there’s plenty of space outside.

Don’t think I’m sitting out there in the rain” said Mrs RM, perhaps.

We looked for somewhere to eat. Well, actually Mrs RM just saw the Old Gate and headed straight for it.

It’s the upmarket place, back in the GBG after an absence, and I feared the worst as I surveyed a cast of BRAPA characters including chiselled young Dad, Posh Pram Prosecco Mum and Laptop guy. Goodness knows what they thought of Scruffy Ticker Man.

The Old Gate had left little impression on me a decade ago (bar some excellent beer) and as I surveyed a paper list with FAR TOO MANY BEERS I feared the worst.

Ooh, Baby-Faced Assassin, better have that

Pint, Madam ?”

Of course”. It’s only 6.1%, after all.

Blimey, cask started well at the Sheffield Tap and reached rare heights here. I reckon Mrs RM’s Roosters Baby-Faced Assassin a certain 4.5, cool and silky and sumptuous, my Black Band Porter only a tad less, and the 2 course meal pretty special.

Mrs RM loved the jolly soundtrack of the Bee Gees, Heart and Ronan Keating; I hid my feelings.

A Brunning & Price with good beer ? No, it was far better than that. The service was exemplary, personable and cheery, and I got (most of) a second pint of Roosters and some of Mrs RM’s chips.

It was a GREAT late lunch. But now for that tick…

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