If you’re as irritated as I am by GBG county maps with a lone entry unticked, head to the bottom of the page NOW.

Otherwise, let me tell you about my last tick, the “Shut on MondaysNightjar, in Hebden,which turned out to be worth the wait.

That’s it being closed, by the way. It would have been funny for you if it had been closed on Thursday as well, but not for me.

Mrs RM took the table in the corner before anyone else did and a found I couldn’t get a beer as they didn’t allow drinking at the bar.

The chap on the right is either tormented by the feeling that he’s in the presence of pub royalty (Mrs RM), or he’s trying to identify the achingly trendy music and can’t download “What’s That Song Called ?” in time.

The beers are on the wall. I think Tarquins picks itself, doesn’t it ?

Oh, that’s gin. The Nightjar Hermit Crab of Hope and Stockport’s Hazy Love it is then.

Blimey they were good. Cool, rich, thick beers to provide Hebden Bridge with a FOURTH pub scoring NBSS or more (Old Gate, Vocation, Fox & Goose the others, fact fans). Which is impressive, as I don’t even remember Hebden that fondly from previous trips.

As you’ll see from the tables, it’s not my favoured type of boozer, but it’s all about the beer, isn’t it ?*

Mrs RM said “You happy now ?“.

And as I pinked in the last little corner on the map, I was.



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