Short posts, I’m not in the mood. Grrrr.

Moving to Sheffield puts the gems of the Peak District in easy reach. Let’s go to Matlock, with its annual new GBG pub and improbable hills.

Underrated industrial buildings too, though scarred by the occasional micropub (can you spot it ?).

The obligatory non-pub cat looked a bit grumpy, perhaps he/she had walked up from the station, too.

Worth it for the views, Mr/Mrs Car !

At the top of Bank Road an old lady asked me for directions to the Lord Nelson. I didn’t have a clue, but as an Alpha man I’m required to confidently provide an answer so pointed her towards the Duke of Wellington. Close enough.

Back in town I took a picture of Matlock Town FC through the fence for the “football crowd”,

and stood to admire the stonework and floral displays at the Red Lion. Could be a smart Robbies house, couldn’t it ?

Bit smarter actually, with home brew and posh Spanish lager.

Lovely welcome, “Freak Out” on the playlist, and a succession of Old Boys in cardigans having their usual.

A slightly sour bitter that on this occasion (compare and contrast) rather hit the spot, and edged above a 3.

Lacings never lie, unlike me giving directions to the pub.

6 thoughts on “IT’S HILLY IN MATLOCK, ISN’T IT ?

    1. When you Can’t walk to the bar it’s impossible to tell which is why table service needs to end ! When the barmaid reels them off I just go “the first one”

      As BeerMat just says it was Moot Ales homebrew.

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  1. A pub I’ve actually been too!! Moot Ales if memory serves me correctly? Love Matlock – some stunning views and not as well trodden as the Peaks so walking always feels a bit more remote. Great old pub and pretty much how I remembered it…locals place but well positioned.

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  2. “A slightly sour bitter…” I hope intentionally so. I’m afraid that your trek through the off-beer deserts of Scotland may have totally wrecked your taste buds. Did you try adding Hendersons Relish? I’ve seen this recommended in a blog somewhere.

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