My second Halifax tick opened at 16:00, despite not being a micropub.

So I had time to squeeze in a quick curry in Dean Clough,

via one of the UK’s great urban walks.

Babar Khan is a recommendation of Curry Heute (the Pubmeister of curry), and although Covid has put paid to the famous lunchtime beloved of office workers the young chap whipped up a very decent “Anything”, which is what I asked for. Probably Lamb Bhuna (and definitely not soup, Dave).

Curry, two rotis and poppadoms for nine quid.

That’ll be £15,000 pounds please” said the young man, flashing me a smile and handing me a lollipop. Bill Bryson would have paid that and added a tip.

The walk to the western suburb of King’s Cross (near the Big 6) takes about 20 minutes, and I headed there fortified by the spiritual encouragement on the town map.

King’s Cross has a street of tempting takeaways, a weirdly atmospheric church,

a weirdly modernist library,

and 2.7% of the nations basic Tetley houses.

I mean, how can you not love Oddy’s ?

And how can you not love a CAMRA branch like Halifax & Calderdale who can put a proper boozer with Doom Bar in the Guide when all of the rest of town is craft central ?

Yes, of course I had the Doom Bar; £2.70 for a cool, crisp glass (NBSS 3.5) with classic lacings.

My mum called to ask me when I was coming over for Chinese, and I rushed to the courtyard to avoid my phone being nailed to the ceiling. When I came back, my change, wallet and glasses were all waiting for me.

A winner.

8 thoughts on “ODDIES

  1. I spied the William 1V on one of your photos -our regular Friday night haunt in the early 80’s -a few pints of Tetleys for the lads,many dry martinis for me & a Chinese (a number 1 with a fried egg on top )for supper.We slept on the floor of our friends house who lived over the road -happy days.I think Halifax is probably much improved now

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    1. I remember the William IV, a Proper Pub. I don’t remember the Number 1 with fried egg; is that a West Yorkshire specialty.

      No UK town has seen as dramatic a transformation as Halifax this last decade. You must visit.


      1. The number 1 with a fried egg on top is just a bit of everything as far as I remember.A holiday in Yorkshire,visiting old haunts would be lovely -lets see what next year brings !

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  2. Last time I went to the Big 6 it was shut, so wandered down here instead. Was amazed to find it made the GBG as the beer was a 2 but as pub it was a 4 for sure.

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