Click bait !

Actually, I wanted to bring you Nessie, but my Mum failed to find the actual one I brought home from Inverness 30 years ago (of which more later).

I’m sure the coast of the Loch is attractive, but when your sight is fixed on an endless dark blue lake it’s hard to tell.

Leaving Roy Bridge, we were held up for 10 minutes at Fort Augustus by what I assumed to be a Nessie crossing,

but which turned out to be the operation of the swing bridge over the canals.

Perhaps Nessie would make an appearance at unpronounceable and surprisingly busy village of Drumnadrochit, home to the official, Monster-endorsed exhibition (top). Look very closely at the silvery object on the bottom right below. Convinced ?

Rather more convinced than I was at the prospects for Scottish homebrew at the Benleva, an otherwise impeccable little hotel-cum-social club styled boozer.

See what I mean about the social club styling.

OK, perhaps not this little alcove, where the windows commemorate the villages first success in the All-Ness Shinty contest in 1934, coincidentally the year of the “Surgeon’s photograph” can conclusively settled the issue of the Monster’s existence.

We turned up a few minutes before the 4pm opening, which gave us opportunity to explore the Tefal scientific equipment used on Nessie boat trips.

A lovely relaxed atmosphere here; the barman/brewer asked for our contact details. “Bank Account details and PIN will do“. You think I’m THAT gullible ?

One guy turned up in a Welsh strip, settling down for their gallant attempt to contain the Danes later that afternoon, another poured me a pint of Stout that I’m still not sure about 10 days later.

It was sour. Should it have been sour ? To find out I’d have had to consult tasting notes on Untappd, and that’s what Beer Twits do.

Two blokes older than Nessie turned up to a highly regarded brewery tap (I read) and ordered Tennent’s. I guess that tells you a lot.

Anyway, I couldn’t score it, but it hardly matters, does it ? A Scottish home brew pub NOT in the GBG is less credible than the Loch Ness Monster.

8 thoughts on “A LOCH NESS MONSTER

  1. Yeah, sour is not a word you want to hear in the description of a stout, I wouldn’t think! I once had a stout at a homebrew type place that I think was intended to have a subtle smoky flavor, but in fact tasted like you were drinking liquified woodsmoke from a campfire.

    My parents took our family on a tour of the UK way back when I was 12 years old (1978, I think), and I do vaguely recall the visit to Loch Ness. Even then the the whole Loch Ness monster thing was being very thoroughly exploited for tourism purposes; I’ve got to assume it’s greatly expanded by now.

    One of my memories from that trip is how much I enjoyed the hamburgers from roadside vans. Entirely different from the American burgers I was used to, but in a good way. 🙂


  2. You sure it wasn’t a Brown Ale there’s no stout brewed by them on Untapped…..well someone had to look 😀


  3. The last time I had a “it’s supposed to taste like that!” was a sour Porter in a GBG regular. I looked it up, it wasn’t. This is why I avoid GBG pubs, they think they know beer better than a know it all like me!

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      1. It can, which is the problem when drinking off-piste, how do we know whether it’s barrel dregs or high-end cow gut flora fermented awesomeness. Hence I generally stick to what I know, which utterly baffles the beer enthusiasts…

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