I think I won the last Guess the Pub, but since there wasn’t even a pub there it felt a shallow victory.

I think you’ll be able to find this next one, prompted by a rare blog view (only my second ever) from a country where I’d fancy a break RIGHT NOW.

Look, you can see my retiredmartin speedboat heading to the pub,

only to be turned round as I’ve forgot my pale blue vaccine passport.

To make it easy, this place has “bar” somewhere hidden in the name.

A nice musical clue,

If you’re thinking “Hey, isn’t Dominic Cummings the modern day Rasputin ?”, I’m afraid it’s not Barnard Castle.

The football clue is less subtle.

Once you’re here, you’ll find the main activity is eating popcorn shrimp and crisps, or “chips” as you deluded Americans call them.
Blooming craft beer, no escape from the Fat Tire.
One more clue to the mystery pub,

then finish your beer and pop in to Paradise.


  1. Just as I suspected, far too difficult. Think I might have the correct part of the world. Even found a couple of places with bar somewhere hidden in the name. Struggling with the Morrisons clue though. Even found a Jimmy’s Bar. Was Lost in the Supermarket written here of something. Its probably in Lincolnshire, but for once I think I’ve found the map extract. Time for a lie down.


      1. Again? πŸ™„ I’ve already looked at it twice. I think we’re going to need a substantial increase in the prize fund to reward the effort required.


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