Enough “Guess the Pub” for today, time for some Bette Midler.

Hard to believe this classic sold less copies than Spizz Energi’s “Where’s Captain Kirk” when it was released at the end of ’79, but then we Brits failed to see the merit of a number of overblown soppy epics. Did you know that “Lost in Love” by Air Supply never charted in the UK either.

Anyway, come the Spring, whatever that is, I’m hoping to be able to see the Rose House in full bloom. I saw my first daffodil today, near the tram. I expect the eponymous song will be first on the jukebox, or at least after “WAP”*.

Everytime I walk past the Rose, on the way to the mini-Asda up Carr Hill, I mutter “Open the pubs“. I know they can’t; it’s just instinct, and lust for the keg Stones.

Today I found out that Cube Online have given me a 360 degrees tour of Walkley’s least crafty pub.

Let’s have a (virtual) look at what I’m missing.

Just the right side of the pub/club divide, it works for me, but Mrs RM would want a month to redesign the colour scheme.

You get the idea. Modernised bench seating, live entertainment, kiddies playground, Martin Gregory (possibly that one) appearing live every 5th Thursday.

Last Surveyed : Well, possibly never says What Pub. I could be useful !

When these photos were taken it had Bombardier, a Brains craft beer and something I don’t recognise, which is a range that would guarantee you a Pub of the Season award in Fife.

Sadly, with at least half a dozen top quality CAMRA favourites mere minutes away, plain but loveable locals like the Rose House can get overlooked. Now there’s a challenge; even Will and Alan didn’t make it in here.

Might skip the karaoke night though.

*Wireless Application Protocol by Radiohead, I think


  1. Nice looking boozer, terrible colour scheme though. I know it’s all about making pubs more attractive to the ladies, but do they realise how unattractive it is to us laddies?

    Good to see they haven’t ripped out the entrance porch to squeeze another table in. Mrs (Real) Mark is ‘very’ sensitive to the draught from doors opening anywhere near her and these entrances have done an admirable job keeping Mrs’s comfy, and their Mr’s happy for decades.

    That wheel of fortune determines whether you pay club or craft price for your beer.

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  2. I joined Pubs Galore in 2010, so the absence of a review from me must mean that it’s more than a decade since I darkened the doors of the Rose House. (What’s in a name? The Rose House by any other name would still have a terrible colour scheme.)

    Surprised to see as many as three real ales on at the same time in those photos. It never struck me as a real ale pub, but maybe they picked up some trade when the Freedom House closed – mind you, the beer was pretty awful there too. Or maybe real ale is just taking off in Walkley!


    1. When did the Freedom House close ? I don’t know when I visited (pre-2015) but I definitely remember walking uphill from the station and I scored the beer “3 – OK”, which is below Sheffield par.

      I’ve got all the Sheff pubs I’ve been to on a spreadsheet, must cobble a post and see what’s closed. Princess Royal was good from memory.


      1. There’s a Princess Royal in Stafford, a Proper pub up ‘the North End’, home to Dawson’s Brewery until 1952 but now owned by New River who have planning permission for demolition and a housing development.


    2. “An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup.” ― H.L. Mencken, A Book of Burlesques

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  3. If I remember correctly the B side to Where’s Captain Kirk was ‘Spocks Missing’ 🙂 I think Spizz went through a bit of a Star Trek crisis!!!
    The Rose arrived at my ears via JR – Here’s a link to a less epic lo-fi version of a great song


    1. JR does not engage on the internet and I like that he has rejected the need to step into the accelerated world of the 21st century. He’s been doing some new stuff via bandcamp but that is managed by his agent. I can remember seeing JR at The Venue in London in the early 80s and Nick Cave was in the audience enjoying the show (sadly he wasn’t playing that night). Jonathan played two songs with his guitar and performed the rest of the set a cappella without a band and with virtually the whole audience singing along to every song. He ended up crawling round the stage on all fours singing I’m a little dinosaur! It’s nice to remember gigs pre-smartphone where the only thing anyone had in their hand was a pint of beer! And of course everyone enjoyed being in the moment rather than trying to film it or take photographs…

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  4. “Did you know that “Lost in Love” by Air Supply never charted in the UK either.”

    Good lord! If it wasn’t for pubs (and the fact my folks were born there) I’d have to disown you!

    “I’m hoping to be able to see the Rose House in full bloom.”

    So I am! Oh, sorry, my darling wife’s name is Rose.*

    And, if she ever reads this, I don’t mean to imply ANYTHING by the name house with respect to her.

    “and lust for the keg Stones.”

    Keep it together man!

    “You get the idea.”

    Indeed. Not what I’d call ‘pubby’.

    “Now there’s a challenge; even Will and Alan didn’t make it in here.”

    I sense a new ‘hunt’ for bloggers once the bloody pubs reopen!


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