October is always an exciting time for us hardy band of GBG tickers. New stuffed mascot embedded into the team, new year’s Guide in hand, cross-checking complete, inroads into the GBG with pink marker in hand.

Not this year.

The delayed release of GBG21, due to some spurious reason or other (probably a debate about mandating autovacs), means I’ve had an extra 6 weeks to press on with GBG20.

I finished the county in Clevedon (pop. 21,281), perhaps the first time this modest coastal town has made history since the famous tied tug-of-war contest with neighbouring Portishead in 1948.

I’d only been once, a decade ago, when the boys enjoyed the marine lake and rocks designed to make your mum go “BOYS ! BE CAREFUL !“.

They’re cleaning up the lake at the moment, it’s 5 metres deep in places apparently,

but the walks round the rocks remain, as rugged as ever.

And round the bay, past the dog walkers, you get some majestic views to the freedom-deprived Welsh,

and across the mud flats to the retirement homes of Weston-super-Mare.

As is now customary, I then got told off.

NOT for dawdling at the bar, but for attempting to sneak onto the Grade I listed pier 30 seconds after last admission. James outed me to the lady in charge. The traitor.

Clevedon surprised me. The streets nearest the pier are smarter than you’d expect having visited Weston and Burnham and Portishead. Antiques, wine tasting, weddings and crafty micro, And this quaint water fountain.

The Fallen Tree has kept me waiting, only opening again last week under new ownership.

5pm openers are a sod, but I guess open pubs are better than closed ones so let’s not moan.

Classy, clean, cool cask, chatty. An old regular made his first return visit since March and shouted his name to the guvnor.


Oh, good name

With an “i”

Even better

Sorry to any Marty’s out there.

Look how impressed Baa Baa Toure is with my pinking of Somerset (top).

9 thoughts on “A JOB DONE, IN CLEVEDON

  1. “Be careful.” Does any phrase mean less to the child who is being told it? I always think it is an attempt by us, the adults, to avoid future guilt. I know my little buddy ignores the phrase when I find myself blurting it out.

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  2. Mrs B and I have fond memories of Clevedon. Ever since we were courting in the last millennium, we went there every New Year’s Day for a walk on the front and a quick retreat to the Little Harp, a Greene King dining pub which I don’t think has ever troubled the GBG but has a nice view of the Bristol Channel. We will return one day.


  3. An oddly schizophrenic town, with the genteel seaside resort contrasting with the down-to-earth town centre and surrounding expanse of new housing. Plus the two don’t seem to connect properly with each other.

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    1. I thought that large gap between that down-to-earth town centre and the upmarket boutiques and wine bars (and now micro) of Hill Road was very odd. The pier is attractive but you don’t really get a clue as to the smartness of Hill Road from the seaside itself. I though the Moon & Sixpence was going to be a Spoons, but Clevedon has been denied that pleasure.


  4. “I’d only been once, a decade ago”

    In the town map above; did they misspell Dial Hill Road? I’m assuming it should have been Dual Hill Road as it’s in line with Hill Road.

    Also, how do they get me small enough to fit on said maps?
    (i.e. the ‘you are here’ thingy)

    “They’re cleaning up the lake at the moment”

    Is that like, with very large scrubbers, or more like very large brushes (akin to ‘I’ll wash you mouth out with soap’ kind of cleaning).

    “you get some majestic views to the freedom-deprived Welsh,”

    That’s you’re ‘cleaning the lake’ photo, only you’ve stepped a bit further back. 🙂

    “As is now customary, I then got told off.”

    The new normal. 😉

    “but for attempting to sneak onto the Grade I listed pier 30 seconds after last admission.”

    Blimey. Is that similar to the 10pm curfew, because Covid only comes out at night kinda thing?

    “And this quaint water fountain.”

    You sure that’s not a foot bath, and, um, parts higher?

    “Sorry to any Marty’s out there.”

    Sigh. I hear ya. Have to tell folks my name has two ‘l’s at the end. And my brother Craig is constantly getting called Greg.



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