You need to slow down, retiredmartin”


And that wasn’t even the whole of it.

But that map of September travels shows a relentless focus on the South-West (4 trips), and the Plague-lands of the North. And Preston, which is a law unto itself.

With clusters of new GBG pubs now as rare as good news on the BBC, I only managed thirty-eight (38) new Guide “ticks” from 68 visits.

Just enough to clear Hampshire, Lancashire and Northumberland in this unexpected Indian Summer of GBG20.

Just for Duncan, here’s a sneak preview of The Spreadsheet.


Porlock Weir
Lulworth Cove

Grief, no football or live music for six months now.

Despite the masks,

and the rules I continue to (accidentally) break, I still enjoyed the pubbing this month.

As always, pub staff are the stars, coping incredibly well against the odds. No more so than in Portishead;

PUB OF THE MONTH – The Ship, Portishead

Old School landlord, tremendous Bass, and some gorgeous walks.

Return visit of the month was to the Piper in less gorgeous Kettering, though I caught that in the right light.

BEER OF THE MONTH – Sorry Robbie’s, it’s Plum Porter in Preston


The big plan was to spend the autumn in a series of Highland Clearances, but Mrs RM’s non-stop work schedule and those family dramas of Summer scuppered those thoughts.

Frankly I reckons Wales and Scotland are best left till the virus has left; I’d hate to have to isolate for a fortnight in Carluke or Caersws. Or would I ?

So I’ll probably focus on trying to get as much of England done as I can before the new GBG21 plops on the doormat, hopefully before the plebs get it with my Priority status counting for something.


  1. I wouldn’t mind being isolated in Caersws, three decent pubs to choose from. Marginally more civilized curfew in Wales too, bar shuts at 10.00, chucking out by 10.30.


  2. “With clusters of new GBG pubs now as rare as good news on the BBC”

    (slow golf clap)

    “I only managed thirty-eight (38) new Guide “ticks” from 68 visits.”

    Don’t tell Si that! He’s in his cups as it is for only getting 23 ticks in September.


    Teignmouth slightly edges out Eskdale.

    “BEER OF THE MONTH – Sorry Robbie’s, it’s Plum Porter in Preston”

    This is my shocked face. (LOL)

    “Frankly I reckons Wales and Scotland are best left till the virus has left”

    Agreed. But… will it ever leave? 😉

    “So I’ll probably focus on trying to get as much of England done as I can”

    England! (hums one of the many patriotic songs)


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  3. “You need to slow down”.

    I’ve always been puzzled by arbitrary, self-imposed obligation. To me the proposition “life is short therefore one must do a lot of travelling” is no more logical than “the atomic number of lithium is four, therefore one should do a great deal of knitting”, or “Paris is the capital of France, so people should take less sleep”. I’m quite happy with stuff like “it is often cold and rains, therefore one should live in a house” on the other hand.

    Mrs. E does have me down as on some sort of spectrum, mind.

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      1. I remember TV’s the late Fred Dibnah’s remarking, after toiling away, that he was “so thirsty that he could drink anything”.

        “Shall I get you a glass of water?” Asked a waggish chum.

        “Ooh no thank you!” came the immediate reply.


  4. Whilst I’m more than a little envious of the places you have visited, and the sights you have seen, the amount of driving involved with all those miles travelled, doesn’t appeal at all.

    Some might say, that it’s not very “Green” either, but as it makes you happy, and keeps us all entertained, I’m sure it’s all worth it.

    The line about making and keeping people happy, is the most important thing here, because at the moment, we all could do with more happiness in our lives.

    If we can make ourselves happy, whilst spreading that happiness amongst our fellow human beings, this can only be a good thing, so please keep these posts and reports coming in.

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    1. Yes, I feel guilty about the driving, but I won’t be doing any more flights to compensate, Paul.

      I enjoy the driving. Which is just as well. And I’m probably the happiest person in the world apart from Mrs RM. who is of course married to me.

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