Enough Manchester misery.  Here’s some Cornish calamity.

And here’s that rolling itinerary I own you;

Cornish trip

Yes, a mere 8 hours after leaving home, I was parked up for the night in the car park of the Quintrell Inn, enjoying a pint of craft;


Five minutes from nauseous Newquay, one stop on the train line, the Quintrell’s huge car park was scarily full when I tipped up at six.

Looks so nice, doesn’t it

Across the road the Premier Inn offered the calm mediocrity of Table Table, but the Quintrell was packing them in with a closed fun factory, superhero comic display, fish tanks and Rishi-funded half-price carvery.

Indoor no play
Film coming soon
Not Nemo

And a sign saying “Please”.


I said “Please” when I asked for my Doom Bar, the connoisseur’s choice from a range of Doom Bar or Doom Bar.

Guess the NBSS score.

You’re right

My actual new GBG tick was 2 minutes walk away.  As I left the car park, a car screeched to a halt yards from me, a furious guy of about 30 screaming and waving a can of Strongbow in the air.

Had I dropped it ?  I mouthed “What ?” at him.

I’m talking to my f*****g mum” he screamed at me, waving his can in the direction of a lady of about 44 in another car 20 yards away.  It was a classy joint.

The Two Clomes WAS a classy joint, which didn’t much seem to want my custom.

It’s a restaurant

“Have you booked ?”

Me ?  Book ?

Rishi’s half-price dishes had filled the pubs of Newquay on Tuesday night, and I was lucky to be allowed to enter the bar and collect a pint of Sea Fury to consume in the garden.


“Wot no Doom Bar ?! ” I hear you ask.

Yes, sometimes I can be a beer geek too, you know.

It’s a bit like Doom Bar Reserve, I guess, and well worth a 3.5.  To be blunt (Spoiler), one of the best pints I had all week.


Groups of all ages came and went, just as they did in the Quintrell.  That’s what I want to see in pubs.

But if you’re expecting anything more from Quintrell Downs itself, brace yourself for massive disappointment.



  1. “Here’s some Cornish calamity.”

    In the photo above, is that Colin Cauliflower’s Canadian cousin?


    You drove all that way for a pint brewed in Wolverhampton? 😉

    “Looks so nice, doesn’t it”

    Blimey. They certainly have an affinity for names beginning with ‘T’.

    “fish tanks and Rishi-funded half-price carvery.”

    I was going to ask what a Rishi is, but it just twigged.
    (and yes, pretty much the same over here as my darling wife’s business doesn’t qualify for any government largess; even though she’s lost over half her business due to catering collapsing)

    “Not Nemo”

    I was thinking Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”. 🙂

    “And a sign saying “Please”.”

    Most likely to let you know which Pet Shop Boys album is currently playing inside. 😉

    “Guess the NBSS score.”

    Would it be the number of thumbs on one hand?

    “It was a classy joint.”


    “and collect a pint of Sea Fury to consume in the garden.”

    To go with your current mood I gather. 🙂

    “brace yourself for massive disappointment.”

    Your (spoiler) above gave that away. 😉



  2. Its becoming clear that Molson Coors beers are all we’ll ever need, and apparently they sell a complete range of beers in the US and Canada that have ‘ICE’ in the title, that we haven’t even tried yet.

    New normal – now that’s something to look forward to 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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