Back in St Neots, I scoured my options for a second pint of mainstream BBB before meeting back at Lidl.
Alan Winfield did (nearly) all the pubs in 2016; I’d have liked a pint in a Craft Union in his honour but St Neots CAMRA is still campaigning for one of those.

So Ye Olde Sun it is. Mark Crilley loves to see “Ye Olde” things.


In years past we’d have looked for a sign that said “This house proudly sells Bass“; in 2020 we’re comforted by a sign confirming sanitisation.


As Tom Irvin noted at 03:01 today, pubs are cleaner than ever, and if that makes us less susceptible to minor ailments then so be it.

The Olde Sun has always sparkled; I sense a woman’s touch, and if you think that’s sexist than read woke BRAPA.

Gallon of handwash

Speaking of Simon, as we often are, this was the 6th pub of the afternoon on his famous Hunts hop in 2018.

St Neots

If this was in Stockport it would be the Armoury, a high quality wet-led pub with most of its custom from the over-50s (looks in the mirror).

There’s some decent wet-led pubs in town, but the Sun (as in my own Sun) has the best quality. They’ve reduced the range a tad, but retained the full cohort of scratchings.

Scratchings to the right

Tribute, of course. In a Wainwright straight glass. Yum.

There you go, my darling” (not Alistair).

I found a table between the Gents and the Ladies where I could see the bar and the window. They must have strong bladders in St Neots, as I wasn’t disturbed much.

Gorgeous foamy head

What a pint this was !

Crisp and foamy, my first NBSS 4 of the month.

Top view

The Sun was perhaps a bit quieter than before, but 3pm is possibly the lull before the tradesmens 4pm storm.

Quite a few couples who you felt might be in Benidorm if not for the threat of the Spanish plague.

“You do know the Gambols, don’t you ?”

“Yes dear”

“Again !” to the loo goer.

“Old age, old age !”

A really lovely set of regulars. No food, no drunkenness, no exchanged bodily fluids in the back garden.

Pub life

A classic, late to my Top 100.

“Thanks !” shouted as I left, quietly, was the icing on the cakes.

4 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – YE OLDE SUN, ST NEOTS

  1. Was there last year just before Christmas…it was very quiet then (Sunday or Monday evening, so not too surprising!). Lovely pub and friendly landlord!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. My boating friend lives in Eaton Socon, so I dropped in for a Christmas drink (or 3) on the way over to Norwich. I think it was a Sunday evening, quite late, and it was very quiet (as was everywhere else in St Neots).

        Liked by 3 people

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