My enforced diet has crashed into the barrier that is Rishi Sunak’s “Get Fat for a Fiver offer, available Monday to Wednesday in August.

With current events preventing me ticking GBG pubs 3 hours away, I’m a bit tied to local pubs (Ugh !), so I might as well see how many folk are flocking back to pubs.

The (Jolly) Brewers in Milton is only 20 minutes walk along the A10, a trip that will eat off 300 calories but reduce your life by 300 minutes due to car fumes, if you’re not knocked over by cyclists on the footpath first.

Area soon to be flooded to create a rowing lake

Milton, as mentioned before, is a real pubby survivor.  Bit like this chap;

That’s what they used to do to criminals in the middle ages

Four pubs, all open all day, all offering mid-range pub food to mid-range Miltonians.

The Waggon & Horses came back from the (Osteria) dead recently, and the (Jolly) Brewers joined it just before Lockdown. Not so (Jolly), particularly with 4 motel type rooms in the stables to promote.


I wouldn’t have popped in without the 50% off food, which used to be the USP to drag workers out from the Science Park, before gourmet pizza won out.

Lots of signs, hand wash, and one way arrows, but not TOO much tape and a big smile at the bar.

“Welcome !” she said.

“Welcome back !” I said.

The Brewers graced the Guide half a dozen eight years back with Greene King IPA (oh, and Pegasus); I reckon today’s range a tad more appealing.

Oooh, Church End Goats Milk. Brings back memories of when all CAMRA Discourse had to worry about was whether it was “Goats”, “Goat’s” or “Goats’ “.

Sadly the IPA was also off folks

James used one of his computer science models to calculate the table offering maximum Covid protection, a pleasing four seater with this view of the bar.

Ideal position

The Goat’s Milk was unexpectedly terrific, a return to the freshness in that first glorious post-Lockdown week.


I’d come back for a beer” I thought.  That’s what “Eat Out to Help Out” can do.

James was taken with the weird art. After 3 years in a student flat in Sheffield he’s missed art.

50% off Burger King, too

Pubs are back, you know.

A steady stream of folk; blokes with toddlers, gentlefolk, IT guys, ladies who’d just had their hair coloured a second time in a month.

Dad reads out the whole menu to Junior, who only hears “Chips”.

The chips are great, the fish in a bun tasty, the pickles weird.  James has sausage and mash that tastes like it’s made from pig and potatoes.

Salad options available

By 12.45 there must be a dozen people in the back garden, a few braving the blistering heat out the front.

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out…

Sauvignon Blanc, half a lager shandy, zero coke” goes the next order.

UB40’s “Kingston Town” is followed with some indistinguishable R’n’B.  Why aren’t all pubs playing the new Taylor Swift LP ?

An American in shorts (it’s always the Yanks, isn’t it ?) asks a series of complex questions about the vegan option and points to a bee in his lager (it’s always bees, isn’t it ?).

“It’s still alive !”.

Vegan bees.  Just like in the days before Covid.  Nature is healing.  Pubs are back.



  1. The walk along the Fen Rivers/Haling Way towing path looks a much more pleasant, and also safer option, than the A10. In addition, give me UB40’s Kingston Town any day, rather than Taylor Swift.

    On a more serious note, glad to see the pub trade is picking up. We’ve got our first family ,pub-meal outing, booked for tomorrow, but as it’s a weekend, we won’t be able to take advantage of Rishi’s offering.


  2. As a near-vegan myself, I have trouble ordering Goat’s Milk. Same with Oyster Stout (even if it has no oysters in), or drinking at a Slug & Lettuce. Even though I know there are no goats, oysters or slugs involved, I still can’t bring myself to place the order (or darken the doors in the case of the latter).

    And don’t get me started on Elvis Juice…

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      1. Citra,
        It was snails, not slugs, that were the problem with proper old Yorkshire fermentation squares made of slate.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh! Can I claim my half on Boxing Day in a zero cask Marston’s dining pub in an industrial park on the outskirts of Dundee please? That would be perfect.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It was in Dundee, that a workmate and I, after eating steaks in a restaurant, and whilst finishing a bottle of wine were told – on declining a dessert – to drink up our wine and leave.

        Some things just stick in the mind.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No, it was in a “restaurant” restaurant, Martin – can’t remember the name – and to be fair it’s a few years back now.

        Liked by 1 person

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