I wondered why I stopped in Thirsk on the way back from Peterlee.

Oh yes, I was waiting for the Golden Lion to open.


I parked in the safest looking bit of town.

Remembering the ceilings tax

Thirsk always disappoints me, with a lone GBG entry (if you’re lucky) that doesn’t even sound like a pub.

3 x 3 – Better than it sounds

Perhaps I’m being harsh, expecting much of a town of 4,998 souls (less than Waterbeach).

It just looks bigger, with its “All Creatures Great and Small” theme park, Ritz cinema,


and “World’s Biggest Salt & Pepper Box” (as yet untried).

Your week’s calories in one handy box

The real problem is that the Market Place is a giant car park, mucking up my arty shots.


Pedestrianise it !

My stop comprised an average Italian bagel and that lovely non-alcoholic soda I discovered in Selby, enjoyed in Spoons while watching mums and mitherers pop in to use the toilet.

Have I gone soft ?
Spoons life

I stayed in the Three Tuns a few years ago for £39, but can’t remember popping in any of the other pubs in town, which remain an out-of-GBG experience.

Here they are, denoted by their house cask beer.

Black Sheep (obvs)
Don’t know.  Probably Doom Bar for £2
Greene King IPA
Mansfield Cask Ale !

There you go.  Stay in Thirsk and enjoy a night of Doom Bar, Greene King IPA and Mansfield.  Can’t think of anything better.

I moved on to the Golden Lion in Helperby, which obviously was still closed.


  1. Provocative and completely dishonest title pic. You are awful but I like you. I would appreciate it if you could use your considerable influence to get the Golden Lion in Helperby to open soon. Thanking you in anticipation.

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  2. Beautiful northern market towns where the town square is cluttered with cars. How the local authority can view this as attractive to a visitor is beyond me. It is the same with neighbouring Richmond and Ripon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s right, Morten.

      I said exactly the same about Richmond on my visit, a gorgeous town scarred by cars.

      Compare with the way Belgium or Germany use edge of town or underground car parks to keep the streets clear, and often pedestrianised.


      1. I once confronted the landlady of a Helmsley b&b why they used the town square as a car park. “Well, otherwise people wouldn’t come”, she said. Strange that all guide books fail to mention this amazing asset. Personally, I’ve read so much about the ease of parking in Milton Keynes so I can’t wait to go there.

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      2. Ooh, yes, folk in Cambridge rave about the parking in Milton Keynes. And the shops.

        The attractions of Milton Keynes can safely be recreated in your garden with pieces of lego and Mcdonalds wrappers.

        Close to me, Ely manages to keep shoppers and tourists outside the centre with three large free car parks.


    2. Morton,
      Yes, I couldn’t agree more about Richmond and I blame Beeching, not that I’m suggesting that everyone must walk there, as I did, or go by bus.

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      1. I’m not meaning to moan but it’s the sheer size of cars that makes them so much more unsightly in a historic market square than chip papers or dog s**t.

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  3. Could we have Matthew’s words of wisdom on that unusual “Q” ?
    What font is it and how rare is it to have the lower squiggle or any other part of a letter adrift like that ?


      1. The “Q” in “QUENCHING” between “THIRST” and “THIRSK”.
        You should know by now that I’m too curmudgeonly for jokes, subtle or not.

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