You don’t get one of my pink pen masterpieces today, everyone knows where Thirsk is. Half an hour’s walk from the railway station, that’s where.

One of the joys of a life based around the Beer Guide is the chance for an annual re-evaluation. At times a GBG free zone, Thirsk has rarely impressed for non-pubby reasons either.  For a start, giving away your picturesque market square entirely to cars is never a good idea.  There’s plenty of independent cafes, but this is no Malton.

But things change, even in a town most famous for a bloke with his hand up the backside of a cow.


I popped into the wonderful Sweet Memories (top), where I was sweetly grilled as to why I was here and given the full Herriot spiel that all shop-owners have to provide under Thirsk by-laws.  I tried to convince her I was only there for her excellent salted Finnish liquorice, but GBG-tickers are clearly evident a mile off.

On foot, there’s certainly a decent trail of buildings to stare at, including a rare pub with only Pedigree on pump.  As I always say, you can only drink one beer at a time.  Other folk can debate whether Pedigree is an upgrade on Mansfield Cask as your sole beer.


I don’t think the town’s other pubs are “Ale Shrines” either, and the absence of a Sam Smiths is inexplicable. But out of nowhere, the town has a “trendy” pub, based on it having the only customers younger than me. And, of course, a Pieminster board.


I’m not saying Thirsk is 20 years behind the time, but The Little 3 would have looked cutting-edge in Hitchin or Banbury in 1993, right down to  the TexMex restaurant. Nothing wrong with that, of course,  and a packed bar showed this place appeals across the age range. Even this Beverley Sisters tribute act;


Apart from the obligatory Frizzante 1754 (the new Perroni* round here), the beer range was pleasingly solid Yorkshire; Daleside, Theakston, Landlord (NBSS 3) alongside a couple of guests you’ll be able to identify from the helpful board below (Five points each).

A family group came in, looking forlornly for a dining table.  My heart leapt out to them.


Finally, exciting news for Simon.  The Thirsk & Sowerby Institute not only has the best net curtains, it also has York Guzzler on this week.  Hopefully not last years unfinished barrel from Llansilin.

*Is there a Campaign for the Preservation of Craft Peroni yet ?

6 thoughts on “A THIRST FOR THIRSK

  1. Thirsk isn’t 20 years behind the times, it’s closer to 40 if your “trendy” pub has Citizen Smith appearing. Is there a noticable Trotskyite faction around the market square?

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