Typical Thirsk resident

You don’t get one of my pink pen masterpieces today, everyone knows where Thirsk is. Half an hour’s walk from the railway station, that’s where.

One of the joys of a life based around the Beer Guide is the chance for an annual re-evaluation. At times a GBG free zone, Thirsk has rarely impressed for non-pubby reasons either.  For a start, giving away your picturesque market square entirely to cars is never a good idea.  There’s plenty of independent cafes, but this is no Malton.


But things change, even in a town most famous for a bloke with his hand up the backside of a cow.


I popped into the wonderful Sweet Memories (top), where I was sweetly grilled as to why I was here and given the full Herriot spiel that all shop-owners have to provide under Thirsk by-laws.  I tried to convince her I was only there for her excellent salted Finnish liquorice, but GBG-tickers are clearly evident a mile off.

On foot, there’s certainly a decent trail of buildings to stare at, including a rare pub with only Pedigree on pump.  As I always say, you can only drink one beer at a time.  Other folk can debate whether Pedigree is an upgrade on Mansfield Cask as your sole beer.


I don’t think the town’s other pubs are “Ale Shrines” either, and the absence of a Sam Smiths is inexplicable. But out of nowhere, the town has a “trendy” pub, based on it having the only customers younger than me. And, of course, a Piemaster board.


I’m not saying Thirsk is 20 years behind the time, but The Little 3 would have looked cutting-edge in Hitchin or Banbury in 1993, right down to  the TexMex restaurant. Nothing wrong with that, of course,  and a packed bar showed this place appeals across the age range. Even this Beverley Sisters tribute act;


Apart from the obligatory Frizzante 1754 (the new Perroni* round here), the beer range was pleasingly solid Yorkshire; Daleside, Theakston, Landlord (NBSS 3) alongside a couple of guests you’ll be able to identify from the helpful board below (Five points each).

A family group came in, looking forlornly for a dining table.  My heart leapt out to them.


Finally, exciting news for Simon.  The Thirsk & Sowerby Institute mot only has the best net curtains, it also has York Guzzler on this week.  Hopefully not last years unfinished barrel from Llansilin.


*Is there a Campaign for the Preservation of Craft Perroni yet ?

6 thoughts on “A THIRST FOR THIRSK

  1. Thirsk isn’t 20 years behind the times, it’s closer to 40 if your “trendy” pub has Citizen Smith appearing. Is there a noticable Trotskyite faction around the market square?

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