(Sorry, no pics of Wendy Craig).

We returned from idyllic Cheadle via the workaday A50.

The history of the Uttoxeter bypass has been engaging the two Mudgies on the Beer & Pubs Forum recently; if that doesn’t get you to sign up I don’t know what will.

Actually A500 closure took us through Tunstall and Burslem, a real thrill

I told you about our stop in North Leicestershire AS IT HAPPENED. But that won’t stop me revisiting it now I can tint my photos and add nice maps.

It’s always nice to stop somewhere bucolic.

Coalville over the hill

Diversity of scenery is the joy of England.

Two minutes off the M1, ten minutes from Lockdown Leicester (sorry folks), five from cosmopolitan Coalville, with a granite quarry one side and a volcano the other, Stanton under Bardon draws you in on the OS extract.


The Wiki article is obsessed with statistics, the best of which is presented in this pie chart.

Source :ONS via Wiki

That dramatic fall-off in faith between 2001 and 2011 is widely ascribed to the visit of BRAPA to the nearby Bull’s Head in Markfield after a 2-0 Hull defeat at Leicester in 2007.

You’ve heard about the Old Thatched Inn already.

Does what it says on the sign
Pedi drinking well

We left a half dozen other drinkers for a short stroll into the fields, which look nothing like they do on that OS extract.

Follow the arrows, just like in a  Covid pub

It was lovely.  No traffic, no car noise, no rubbish, well marked trails.

Just wild flowers and butterflies.

Felt a bit lost here
Mrs RM reveals her inner Theresa May by dashing thru corn fields

Back at the pub, a group of leather jacketed bikers were installed at the outside tables, which were pleasingly filling up nicely.  

As LifeAfterFootball knows, the AA511 is a hotbed for bikers pubs, just as North-West Leicestershire is the centre of the car mechanics industry.



19 thoughts on “BUTTERFLIES

      1. They’re already proper sized trees just beyond Uttoxeter ( which the bypasses might cause you to miss ) but it needs planting much further afield to become anything like ‘National’.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve just noticed the clouds in your pictures.
    Was that three days ago ?
    I had never seen cirrus type clouds as good as that.


      1. The improvement in the air quality just shows what can happen when we avoid unnecessary car journeys.
        I only drove 110 miles in the first half of this year and that’s a 55% reduction from the previous two years.


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