Part 2 of our 2 part Leicester thriller starts with an amble across town to a small pub at the station.


On the way I tried to persuade Charles into the Ale Wagon, but I’m afraid he’s a delicate flower and walked past.

Now, a small (I assumed) pub at the station run by a small brewery with a dog on the pumpclip sounds like my stuff of nightmares, but this Parcel Yard is about the size of the Kings Cross one and has Bass signs out front, so what do I know (“Nothing” – Mrs RM).

Inspiration for Coventry, apparently

While I studied the Bass porn, Charles made a dash for the bar, Stafford Paul-like.

So fast he’s blurred
Readable pump clip chic
Keg from crafty Camerons

Despite being a bit quiet, with all of Leicester tucked up watching Strictly repeats with Robbie Savage, it has a busy feel reminiscent of Reading’s Three Guineas. Does that make any sense ?

Too many stairs for the Old Codgers

Decent beer, weird music. Even my “What’s that song called ?” app said “Who that ?”

It’s not exactly cosy, but it’s not without charm, and Charles luxuriated over a Green Devil which was not quite as good as the one at Staggs.

“It’s for the lack of an Autovac” I said.

It was 6.30 by now, the witching hour, and time for the final Leicestershire tick. Via the tourist trail, of course.

Future Stonegate open at 9am for Stafford Paul
Buildings older than Gary Lineker

We’d past Wygston’s House an hour before, it looked like a party in progress, a place bound to be open late.

Make a nice Sam Smiths

“You’re just in time lads. We close at 7” said the pleasant barman. He may have been pleasant but I’d have throttled him if we’d turned up 5 minutes later. To a soundtrack of “YMCA“.

Ah, Charnwood Vixen, the national beer of Leicestershire I mentioned just the other day.


Charles went for the craft murk.

Aufbauende Feuchtigeitlotion

It’s a smart old place, filling that Bruning & Price size hole in the market.

Weird thinner glass for Charles

At least it’s not “Pangle and Scrotum” “ said Charles, confusing it with Farrow and Ball.

While he was admiring the hand lotion, I admired some great drunken debate on the table opposite.

“I’m a control freak, but I’d like someone to take control and take me on holiday”

I’d rather go on holiday with your husband

Oooh, keys in a bowl time !” prompting the scene at the top.

Charles was gutted to have missed that, and we were booted into the night before he could enquire personally about the keys, but cheered up at Shivalli, whose vegetarian buffet with freshly cooked dosa and paratha was truly stunning. My second great curry of the week. Great loos, too, and at our age that matters.

And rice pudding for afters

We were a bit stuffed, so walked the length of New Walk and took in the local culture.

We resisted

Penelope Pitstop clearly came from Enderby.

Bit of The Jam for BeerMat

We were quite taken with the statue of David Gower whacking Rory Underwood in the legendary tri-sport challenge of 1986. I assume the defender sliding in must be Steve Walsh but Steve Lynex is a contender. BeerMat will know.

Bring back the Tri Sport Challenge

Frankly, coffee and an early night called, but a quick half in the only Spoons I hadn’t graced seemed a good idea, and gives Charles a chance to see the famous market.

It’s a corker

Here we met Shawn and cheery mates from Leicester CAMRA, and I’m delighted to tell you several of them were drinking Plum Porter (NBSS 3.5) in Spoons, so it’s safe to say they’re sane.

Well Shawn, not a duff pint or pub all night. And I’m sorry we couldn’t treat Charles to the Ale Wagon, but it’ll be worth it when he does get there.

And that’s yer lot for Leicestershire GBG20. Don’t it look lovely in pink ?

Wot no Coalville

NB 675 words ? What on earth’s going on ?


  1. What a fantastic post! Steve Lynex! Love it….scored loads for us in the 79/80 season. Last seen working as security at Morrisons in Sheldon and a top bloke to boot.
    Can’t believe they’ve missed the Stamford and Warrington off the list again!


    1. You don’t forget Steve Lynex 😉

      My uncle lived in Leicester a while and Dad took me to see them play a couple of times in that Lineker era.

      Yeah, I think the golliwog is the only impediment to GBG stardom.


  2. I noticed the beer writers awards were handed out tonight. I’m boycotting LAF, BRAPA, RM, Mudgie and others all absent. How can they award best pub writer to anyone else. Fake awards!


  3. Both Parcel Yards are properly open during the morning and two years ago I was in the Leicester one before meeting up with you, t’other Mudgie and the late Richard in the Ale Wagon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Inspiration for Coventry, apparently”

    Or Terry Pratchett’s ‘Dicsworld’. 😉

    “So fast he’s blurred”

    Or, you were excited to see him move so fast.

    “Does that make any sense ?”

    To me? No. 🙂


    Because it’s named ‘Dave’?

    “To a soundtrack of “YMCA“.”

    Takes me back.*

    “Charles went for the craft murk.”

    Hopefully the one with ginseng. That’s nature’s Viagra that is.
    (or so I hear)

    “Weird thinner glass for Charles”

    Didn’t plump for the ginseng obvs.

    ““Oooh, keys in a bowl time !” ”


    “Bit of The Jam for BeerMat”

    And point out the girl on the right to Si, so he can comprehend the other definition of cheesecake.

    “so it’s safe to say they’re sane.”

    Hang on… CAMRA folk are… sane?

    “Don’t it look lovely in pink ?”

    Wait. Ashby De La Zouche is in Leicestershire? Get out!



    1. * – Oops (from above)

      Fond memories of YMCA back in the 70’s (obvs) when we used to hire a van (and driver) to go drinking in Buffalo at the 747 club (flat rate for all you could drink). One memorable occasion some silly sod cut us off and one of us yelled “Eh!” (as Canadians are wont to do) and the rest of us continued on with the YMCA song.**

      ** you know how it goes: eh, eh… eh, eh, eh!
      (or at least that’s how we remember it)



  5. A most entertaining post. Lynex was of course the forerunner of Tippex (which I don’t suppose is needed these days). I didn’t warm to the cavernous Parcel Yard and my beer was mediocre. Where is the other Parcel Yard? Leicestershire does indeed look lovely in pink.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, Leicester and kings Cross are easily confused both having a altitude of about 52 degrees North.


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