A significant moment, as I conclude the Glasgow chapter of the GBG for the first time EVER.

Beautifully pinking

Back at Central station I got a bit distracted.


Dusk on the Clyde

Yes, by the Tim Horton Christmas Spiced Caramel Brownie and a medium filter.

I read that “nearly eight out of 10 cups* of coffee sold across Canada are served at Tim Hortons® restaurants and more than 5.3 million Canadians – approximately 15 percent of the population – visit the café daily“, and Canadians are never wrong. Most of them.

The Scotia was not only my final tick but also one of the 128 contenders for “oldest pub in Glasgow“, along with the 15 Wetherspoons no doubt.

Imposing Holiday Inn Express behind the Scotia not shown

I liked the Scotia, a cosy bustling place with lots of proper seating and poky places to hide.

Decent seating

I spent a minute at the bar guessing whether this odd looking pump was dispensing real ale or unleaded.

Yet ANOTHER new GK IPA pump

But in the end I went for the one with the paper clip called Magic Porridge.


I never learn. It was OK, but the pub was the star.


You can’t come to Glasgow, even for a day, and not meet up with the Pubmeister to discuss ticking rules and unexpected micro closures in Hampshire.

Or revisit at least one classic.

Cosy classic
Post work crowd

First time in the State since 2017, when I noted ” Oakham Green Devil does seem to have become the official beer of Scotland CAMRA branches“, and regretted my safer choice of the No.3.

You’re not having the Green Devil !” said Duncan, a conservative drinker.

It’s a 4 for Green Devil, only Staggs is better, and you know why

I certainly was.

By the end of the pint my photos looked like this,


and I’d binned the idea of joining Madame Luna and the Pubmeister to see David Thomas Broughton (and Thor !) for a second consecutive night.

Instead, I started my ticking of Curry-Heute’s Glasgow Top 19 Curry Houses.

Doesn’t look much
Proper food

Karahi Palace looks like a kebab and burger takeaway, the sort of place that makes This & That look like The Ivy.

But Dick and Dave need to know this was one of my Top 5 curries. In particular the parathas were worth foregoing the Spoons in Dumbarton for.

You can’t miss Karahi Palace, a minute round the corner from this one you might have heard of.

Ring a bell

It was hard to resist, but if there’s one thing this blog should have taught you it’s this;



20 thoughts on “GLASGOW GBG ’20 TO A FINISH

  1. Impressed you managed to cobble a decent post and pics together before the Green Devil let alone after. Thor and DTB were excellent by the way but it sounds like the Karahi Palace was too. Good to see you albeit briefly!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mind you, many of the homebrews taste like unleaded these days. 😉

    That was an eye-opener, learning that 15% of the Canadian population goes to a Tim Hortons every day. Makes me wonder what the equivalent American percentage would be for Dunkin Donuts. There were lots of bagel shops back in the 90s, then Dunkin Donuts started selling them and they pretty much all went out of business.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, Tim Hortons has made a lot of inroads in Michigan; not sure about the rest of the USA. The ones over here don’t have an awful lot of character to them, I must say, but the coffee does seem a cut above the average.


  3. “as I conclude the Glasgow chapter of the GBG for the first time EVER.”

    Congrats! It would appear I picked a fortuitous time to return after a short hiatus. 🙂

    “and Canadians are never wrong”

    Canadians do love their “Timmies”. Though my darling wife and I are not one of those 15%. While it’s very good coffee, the caffeine quotient can definitely keep one up at night.
    (down east – i.e. Nova Scotia and the like – in some places they have a Tim Horton’s on all four corners!)

    “Most of them.”

    Oight! I’ll have you know I’m never wrong… just incorrect at times. 😉

    “but also one of the 128 contenders for “oldest pub in Glasgow“, along with the 15 Wetherspoons no doubt”

    Do they have a vote or just go by carbon dating?

    “whether this odd looking pump was dispensing real ale or unleaded.”

    Is that the Christmas pump for Greene King?

    “Yet ANOTHER new GK IPA pump”

    (see! I don’t read ahead)

    “with the paper clip called Magic Porridge”

    Oatmeal Stout. Of course. 🙂

    “Or revisit at least one classic.”

    That’s more believable than the bit about ticking rules and Hampshire.

    “I certainly was.”

    Learned your lesson the last time. 😉


    Halloween was last month.

    “I started my ticking of Curry-Heute’s Glasgow Top 19 Curry Houses.”

    Blimey. Starting a second blog are we?

    “You can’t miss Karahi Palace, ”

    Aren’t they missing a ‘c’ before the ‘h’?


    I think you could’ve stopped after ‘curry’. 🙂


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  4. Those photos of the Scotia and the Laurieston bring back good memories of my last visit to Glasgow 6½ years ago. I must be due another trip there before long, especially with the Laurieston’s seating for awaiting opening time.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I couldn’t name five, let alone 25 in the UK. Must be a lot opening quickly (one opened in Leicester just after our visit this week).

        3,800? Are there that many Canadians.


      2. Tim Horton’s, Starbuck’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Frankie and Benny’s, TGI Friday, Pizza Hut, McD’s, Burger King, etc., etc., and not just here, but all over the world. Hell, we’ve even had trick-or-treat too for about thirty-five years now.

        And yet some people claim that it is the European Union which is “destroying the national character and imposing uniformity”.

        I must be missing something.


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