No idea why I was so taken with the urinals at Dacre; perhaps they remind me of the Scream masks.

Dacre was my stop on the epic and ancient drovers route from Rutherglen to Market Drayton, where I’d be staying ahead of the “Old Codgers Day Out In Shifnal“.


No breakfast at King’s Park for my extravagant £25.52, despite my protestations, but @mildmanc had me covered.

Just don’t think about it too much

The best breakfast I’ve had in the UK, alongside the Automatic in Bury, and yes that is Lorne sausage at the front.

That pile meant I didn’t need lunch, and I whizzed down the M74 at 69mph to the edge of the Lakes, just far enough out of Keswick to avoid the carnage left by BRAPA.


Simon whizzing ahead of me in Cumbria

But close enough to Penrith and the Ullswater steamer to attract the pleasant pashmina people to a typical Lakes diner.

Half-way sign
A picture tells…

You can tell a pub by whether folk pay before or after they eat. At the bar a Yorkshireman clearing his bill was mildly taken aback by the Cumbrian humour.

The cheek is free” said our energetic Landlady, who pleasingly failed to ask if I was dining. Rumours of my gargantuan Scottish breakfast had clearly beat me down the M74.

Pleasingly simple beer range

If in doubt, always go for the unfined local homebrew.

Despite a caramel tinge, a solid 3.5 to the pub
Decent lacings effort

Cat Stevens’ “Wild World” gave way to “Like A Rolling Stone“.

“People call say ‘beware doll, you’re bound to fall’,
You thought they were all kidding you”

A happy lady diner sang along, shaking her head vigorously as Dylan sang “kidding you“.

Her joy was no doubt in part due to having TWO loos (sexist!)

and the poshest handbasin outside Brunnning and Price.

On my little stroll round the village I heard some plaintive cries coming from the field behind the whitewashed houses.

A daft lamb had got his head stuck in a bucket and was running round in circles while his mates stood around baaaing.

The barbed wire deterred me from jumping the fence, so I tried to attract Larry the lamb’s attention, finally getting him to charge to the wall. The impact shook the bucket off but may have knocked his IQ a bit.

Still, lamb rescuer added to my extensive CV, can’t be bad.


  1. The handle on the urinal really does elevate it. You had to feel like you were doing something important when you pulled the handle down. Never seen one like that. Make me wonder how many unique urinals there can be out there…


    1. You would have been doing something important, as in “serious” Dave, though perhaps unintended. To me it looks like you’d be pulling the pipework off the wall!


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