US readers may appreciate a trip to Mildenhall or Lakenheath ?“, says Marty, which makes me doubt he’s ever been there.

The former I’ve done to death, the latter ?


I couldn’t remember Lakenheath at all, though I MUST have passed it on the way to pre-empting Feltwell last year.

37 minutes away. Oooh, my longest trip since The Easing.

I switched to Christopher Cross on Spotify as I entered America 1981. You don’t get Chris Cross on that infernal #TimsListeningParty, do you ?

On the B1112 I heard an ominous rumbling. Was my Aygo giving up the ghost ? No, I was driving Mrs RM’s car (it’s black).

It’s the US jets, spreading hydroxychloroquine over us (possibly).

See the source image
Donny & the jets

Yes, we’re in Little America, which you know from the Stars & Stripes and an astonishing range of eateries for 4,691 souls in a Fenland / Breckland village and a few more on the airbase.


I counted two chippies, two kebab shops, two Chinese places, a curry house, a sushi bar, and Filipino and Korean takeaways.  Cosmopolitan, eh ? Who needs Shoreditch ?

Never had a Beer Guide pub here in my 25 year ticking career, and the “Wok & Rock” and “Brewer’s Tap” don’t look obvious candidates, so who knows ?

Make that Three Chinese takeaways
Only cask outlet

I’m guessing the Vintage Hotel across from St Mary’s used to use that spike to display the heads of tickers who asked for tasters.

St Mary’s has an impressive graveyard

In the Co-op the talk was of an unusually high police presence.

Since Lakenheath doesn’t have a beach to move folk on from, I’m guessing the crime was “leaving a Jeremy Clarkson hardback in the phone box, causing pain and distress“.

Good use for a dead phone box

What else is there ?  Lots of pebbledash,

Great church

some unusual pargeting that may (or may not) have inspired the ZOSO symbols on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV,

Probably a witch

and some gorgeous walks out into the disused pits at Maidscroft Hill.


No, even with two three Chinese takeaways and a Korean restaurant, we won’t be retiring there any time soon. But it’s OK, it’s OK.

13 thoughts on “GOOD GRIEF ! IT’S LAKENHEATH

  1. It’s a weird place isn’t it? Tiny lanes and big American cars. I won’t make any more suggestions in case you feel compelled to follow them!

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  2. I always get Lakenheath and Mildenhall muddled up, even though my American brother-in-law was stationed there for the best part of a decade.

    He took us on a tour of the base once, which included a visit to one of the bars. Dublin-brewed, bottled Guinness was my tipple of choice whilst there, but the thing which still sticks in my mind was the large pitchers of freezing-cold Bud, with ice-cubes floating in them.

    Fortunately, the US has moved on in a big way, since then, although I’m talking about their choice of beer, rather than head of state!

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    1. Interesting. I’ve never seen ice in Bud. Weird. Why dilute it more? And you are optimistic if you think we’ll share our hydroxychloroquine or bleach. You’re lucky to get sunlight.

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  3. “I’m guessing the Vintage Hotel across from St Mary’s used to use that spike to display the heads of tickers who asked for tasters”.

    Or was it a Sam Smiths pub, and Humphrey’s way of dealing with those who asked for a top-up ?

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