More random programmes, the oldest one so far, and some virtual trips to remote places.


Hungary would make a good blog, but sadly any photos from our lone trip to the Hungarian/Romanian border in 2002 are long lost.

So Scotland it is. Here’s one of my helpful maps.


In that glorious summer of ’58 Scotland were off to one of the few places on earth colder than Glasgow in June, as they took their perennial World Cup place.

The programme for this 1-1 draw tells you all you need to know about Sweden, or more than the fluffy Rough Guide to Scandinavia does, anyway. No mention of beer prices, sadly.

Orebro’s shoe town prepares for invasion of kilted Scots

For your 6d you get a eulogy to Puskas, who’d just made himself unavailable for the Marvellous Magyars by emigrating to Spain, and and advert for a new BrewDog bar trendy raincoat.

Tested in Glasgow rain

The national stadium at Hampden is, as you all know, the home of Queen’s Park FC , enjoying their last year in Scotland’s top tier back in ’58.

Clyde won the Cup that year, too

So what can I tell you about Hampden Park, apart from to advise you to stay at the King’s Park Hotel for £25 and enjoy the delights of Rutherglen.


Well, not a lot.  A real dearth of Beer Guide entries these years; just the Clockwork brewpub near the ground and a couple of Spoons either side.

Sadly nothing close to the industrial estate in Linn Park that made my classic turntable either.

Glasgow’s finest

So, for more GBG action you’ll have to head a few stops north to a genuine Gorbals survivor.

Sorry, you’re too late for this;


But The Laurieston seems to be in rude health these days. Well, till you know what, anyway.

Wow (2)

I thought it might be a bit “Old Man” for Mrs RM, when we stopped on the way to the Iron & Wine gig at the O2.

But she sort of fell in love with it, in a “Cor, they don’t make them like this anymore, do they ?” way.

A symphony in red and brown, with cosy seating, and quirky features on every wall.

Nowt like this in Cambridge anymore

And the music, wow.  Stranglers posters on the wall, but a soundtrack straight from the ’50s, without any irony.

The Avalanche was spectacular

And even better, just round the corner you have one of the cheapest and best curry stops in the world.

Karahi Palace

Sorry Dick and Dave, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see if I’m right on this one.


13 thoughts on “GLASGOW SOUTHSIDE

  1. Sweden 1958 must have been just before Harry Haddock’s big move to Grimsby in exchange for some nets and image rights for inflatables.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, parathas – I made some of those that you fry, from raw frozen dough, that come in a stack, separated by cellophane, that you peel off. It was apparent that they’re about 60% ghee, so irresistibly delicious though they are, it’s just an occasional treat now. I did eat three, mind. Or was it four?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Richard’s posts on Leicester from late 2017 are definitive, for beer and curry. Recently with Charles we had a vegetarian Asian buffer that was superb. I think Leicester is best known for vegetarian places like Bobby’s.

        For pubs, Leicester is no Derby but I’d take it over Nottingham, though few would agree with me. Simon has a downer on the place.


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