I just re-read my last post and realised how little detail there was about essentials like beer names, hop varieties, toilet breaks recorded, peanuts spilt etc etc.   That’s because Pubmeister and Madame Luna were such good company I didn’t take notes or photos.  And that’s how it should be.

But I was always going to record the greatness of the Laurieston, one of the Southside survivors, particularly as we were walking past it on the way to our Iron & Wine gig at the 02 anyway.

Pub blogging greats as diverse as Pubmeister, Tandleman and BRAPA have eulogised the Laurieston, and I loved it on a fleeting visit in 2015 while Mrs RM recovered in Starbucks from a run of six Wetherspoons in sixty-six minutes (this really happened).


My Dad remembers the Gorbals from a visit in the 60s after which he apparently ended up “in the wrong end at Ibrox“.  If only he’d been doing a blog back then.

The Gorbals has largely gone, but the Laurieston can hardly have changed since then. Bar the beer range.

img_20180625_191322512328414.jpgIt doesn’t look like a Mrs RM pub, though, does it ?


But Mrs RM sort of fell in love with it, in a “Cor, they don’t make them like this anymore, do they ?” way.

A symphony in red and brown, with cosy seating, and quirky features on every wall.


Face it, how often you see seating as good as this ?;

Note lower level for putting bags of scratchings etc

As the Tand highlighted in his post, the service is exemplary too, which is why they get Old Boys and Young Boys (not the Swiss team).

Classic bar

Guess the beer below.


OK, it’s coke.  The Jarl was OK, and I saw the pump clip turned round a few minutes later.  But the Avalanche was superb (NBSS 3.5).

I’ll forgive the thin glass

And the music, wow.  Stranglers posters on the wall, but a soundtrack straight from the ’50s, without any irony.

Black And White

You don’t hear “I get a kick out of you” in many pubs these days.

It’s the sort of feel that refurbished working-class boozers in Bethnal Green try to achieve alienating the locals in the process (except this one).

A wonderful pub. I didn’t see a pub cat, so this will have to do;



It’ll never be as appealing as the Sou’wester, though.

No, after YOU.




13 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – THE LAURIESTON, GLASGOW

      1. – or even a shut pub !
        The Sou’wester doesn’t look much better than the Rifle Drum but both have potential.


  1. Beauty. But another example of how different Scottish pubs (bars) look to English from the outside. Many of them look really unwelcoming and often it is impossible to look inside from the outside.

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    1. Most of this is due to old Calvinist licensing restrictions that were aimed at preventing women and children from seeing the sinful drinking going on inside.

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  2. It’s five years ago that I was in the Laurieston, which looks nothing from the outside, and it well deserves being in my list of top ten pubs and the only one north of the border.
    The interior, welcome, beer and everything else simply couldn’t be faulted.
    Maybe the biggest change the pub has seen is that now the “lower level” is for “scratchings etc” though once it was for beer and crisps while the “upper level” was for cards or dominoes.

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  3. That looks an absolutely terrific place!!! You don’t need any words (although they were very good of course!) as the pictures paint a fantastic pub. Liking Mrs RM’s spoons record…was Norris McWhirter there taking notes for the Guinness Book of Records?

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