Next up, a pint with Pubmeister and the effervescent Madame Luna at the Raven, which is the first pub that pops up when you type in “Glasgow” on WhatPub so it must be central. It’s certainly not far from Primark.

Glasgow 2.PNG

But only after I’d dragged a fudge-caked Mrs RM through the gleaming Merchant City,


and into the Modern Art Gallery with its usual eccentric exhibitions, including this unusual perspective on the Brig pub (info welcomed).

The Brig

The Raven looks a bit modern and functional, which is what it is.


Someone who shall remain nameless described this place as “a very mainstream attempt to cash in on the craft market.”.  

Really great barman checking the beer

But what’s wrong with that ?  Everyone knows big companies run pubs best.

Oddly, the Raven is part of a small chain (Signature) of half a dozen or so, so credit for a professional look that Greene King would aspire to. It reminds me of that midrange craft place (Princess Alex) that polarised opinion in Northampton recently.

Unpretentious styling, very knowledgeable and friendly staff, beers you’ve heard of below £4 a pint, Lou Reed’s New York Vs the dead rubbers on a dozen screens, WiFi for Mrs RM’s job negotiations.  What more is there to say ?

Guess the keg

Well, the beer could have been cooler and fresher, that’s what.  But then you could say that about virtually every pub in June. And then they put on Mumford & Sons, at which point we decided against a second pint.  Their ought to be a Beer Guide symbol for M&S or C******y soundtracks. You can blame the heat for the soup, but not for the musical slop.

Now Pubmeister has pontificated on Glasgow craft recently, but we were fairly unanimous in picking the Pot Still to resume our conversations about Trump and Scandi travel. Madame Luna knew the way there through the back alleys.

This is a Top 100 pub, really, ornate, cheery, irreverent and very much a Proper Pub despite the adventurous craft and cask range.

More Glasgow gorgeousness
Wooha to you too

A great hour here, and some decent beer around the NBSS 3 mark. But a year ago I was drinking nectar in the Bon Accord and it’s hard to accept anything less than that, heatwave or not.

A classic pub though , I think, with serious beer but less serious signage.


And, as always, a real mix of students, suits, locals and weirdos.

If only real ale took a summer break.



14 thoughts on “GLASGOW BURNS

  1. I love your blogs and make many a note and plan….the ones with Mrs RM in tow are a particular delight, although I can’t help wondering on reading through, how many thwacks on the back of the head she administers…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She must have just given you a Glasgow kiss and you were seeing double when you wrote described described.
    Sorry Russ – one of the benefits of the time zone …


  3. “And then they put on Mumford & Sons, at which point we decided against a second pint.” –A big smile of recognition here. I’ve been known to get up and leave a place very promptly indeed when they put an offending song on!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. At the risk of losing your respect forever, Martin, I confess I like a lot of songs on those first 3 Coldplay albums; after which they became the awful band that I join everyone else in hating. 😉

        But for me it’s the mid-to-late 90s stuff that drives me crazy– the time when everyone thought they were the next Nirvana, but oh my goodness they weren’t. Of these I think certain Smashing Pumpkins songs would be the most likely to prompt me getting up and leaving a place.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. As you’ll know, Mark, its “Be Nice to Americans” Day over here at the moment so I’ll gloss over that. The Scientist is OK.

        Please don’t say that “1979” is one of those Pumpkins songs though !

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Coldplay might do it but the one who gets me off my comfy bench seat every time is Chris De Burgh. Out for a fag immediately and I don’t even smoke any more.

        Liked by 2 people

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