I’ve had a great day re-aquainting myself with central Glasgow for the first time in 10 years.

I can’t see any dramatic changes in the shops, restaurant and pub scene, certainly of the scale seen in Stockport, Cambridge or Shoreditch, but saw for the first time some stunning architecture, particularly around Kelvingrove. Byres Road and the West End showed a few nods to craft but otherwise were little changed.

Pubwise, the major change seems to be domination by Wetherspoons and less traditional locals in the Beer Guide. Overall beer quality isn’t the best, but an old and new favourite provided beer tantalisingly close to my view of perfect.

The Pot Still is renowned for whisky and pies, and the half of Cone by Top Out was very wonderful, or at least the swig my wife allowed me was. The Still had a much broader (& younger) customer base than I recalled.

With an entirely young crowd, the Inn Deep on the edge of the West End reminded me of the Crate Brewery place in Hackney Wick, with outside seating overlooking the river and a craft heavy beer offering.  I rated the Williams Bros Forth of July as good a pint as I’ve had all year, even if served from a suspiciously keggy font.

South of the river Cyde, the Laurieston is a National Inventory pub to make the Olde Vic look modern, oozing formica gorgeousness but with average Fyne beer.

I could live here.


  1. Martin,
    It’s five years since you experienced the Laurieston’s “oozing formica gorgeousness” and seven years since I did.
    I keep meaning to return. Dundee last year was the wrong side of Scotland ( and probably still is ).

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