Because it’s my blog I can do what I like, including using it to wish James a happy 21st. He’ll be thrilled to be a star of this post instead of the usual can of Punk IPA.

Here’s him looking shocked after emerging from a three day labour at Stevenage Hospital.


We’re just back from a socially distanced trip to say “Happy Birthday” in person (one at a time) on the steps near Kelham Island.


Here he is last year after Matt attacked his hair with a lawnmower.

Not representative of hair now
Perfect accompaniment for the Eurovision nonsense starting now

James has had his final year studying Computer Science (whatever that is) at Sheffield Uni disrupted a bit, with only exercise in the grimy industrial quarter below Kelham to break the monotony of on-line lectures.



I would have bought Mrs RM some takeaways from the Kelham Island Tavern, last visited with this scamp in 2017.

2017 and all that

But it seemed to be one in, one out, the queue stretched back to Hillsborough, and I hadn’t brought any growlers.  Who carries growlers ?

I really fancied a pub.



25 thoughts on “21

  1. I’ve never met the lad but happy birthday to James all the same. It must be a tricky time to have any birthday, let alone a 21st.

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      1. T’other Paul,
        So was I 3½ weeks ago – but “back in April” is right as it seems more like 3½ months ago
        Nearly a year to go till state pension but nothing to spend it on now,

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  2. Delightful reading this; I do hope James had as great a birthday as possible, given the current limitations.

    As luck has it, my firstborn turns 21 in September. I had this dream of him taking me to a bar and buying me a drink, having attained the legal age over here, but now I’m wondering if bars will be open that soon. We shall see!

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  3. James doesn’t look comfortable in the suit and bow-tie ; maybe let Slimey give him a loan of the orange scarf. Then he’ll know what really embarrassing clothing looks like. Anyway, belated best wishes to him.

    Does he already know AlexaJade ? If not, better tell him that he has fan-mail from a random female. That’ll cheer him up more than a cake !

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      1. My local hairdresser re-opens – hopefully – on 4 July. I’ll look like Rasputin by then. A cut and blow dry is the only think above a pint on my wants’ list !

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  4. I’m really glad that you and Christine managed to spend some time with James. Being separated from family members as well as close friends, is the worst aspect of what we’re being asked to do, but I’m sure we’ll get through it.

    With regard to your journey, what were the roads like? Was the traffic heavy, or was driving a pleasure?

    I’m asking because in the not too distant future, I’d like to go and see my father – even if it’s only to wave at each other through the glass!


    1. The roads were an absolute joy, Paul. Rather like driving in Germany !

      We saw a few people parked along the Snake Pass (A57) in the Peaks but all out in the wide open spaces. City centres were deserted.

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  5. What lovely pictures of your lad -so nice that you could go to see him.Last time we were in Sheffield was for our lads graduation -a splendid pub crawl of all his favourite haunts ( he still makes a pilgrimage every year -sadly this years was cancelled …. ) Kelham Island was one of his favourites as it had a particularly splendid selection of free snacks on Quiz night ! Pale Rider is always appreciated by my husband whenever it makes an appearance down here .

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