Hope you’re well and enjoying the cleaning.

If honest I’m coping better mentally than physically, despite eschewing beer for a month and eating quite well. It’s easy to get very lethargic when you haven’t got work (pub ticking) to go to.

Underemployed America GBG markers

My blog visits are down by about a quarter since the Coronavirus lockdown, which I hope isn’t an indication of the mortality rate.

Never mind, it’s all about quality, not quantity, isn’t it ? (no).

Here’s my running list of forthcoming highlights posts.


Not sure about some of those. Particularly the Lincolnshire one.

Let’s start with Wisbech. I’ve been re-reading my posts from the magical year of 2019, when I had the immense privilege of taxiing a comatose BRAPA round the Fens.


I think the Southworths may have beaten Si to this jewel of northern Cambridgeshire, but since they’ve only recently discovered Twitter I can’t confirm that.


Best known for plant auctions, Polish delis and the manslaughter of folk from Newark, only one of which interested our Si.


Simon became the most famous person to visit Wisbech last January, albeit only for 30 minutes as I certainly wasn’t paying 20p for parking.

There he goes

Only one Guide pub in town for what seems like decades, but at least the Red Lion is on the North Brink alongside Elgoods and Peckover House.

Old Barflies

Go for Elgoods” I said.

The Mortal Wombat is very popular” said the posh chap with a pint of Amstel reading the Times.

It looked OK but was rubbish

Who would you have trusted, dear reader?

The locals had a good laugh when he went to the wrong toilet, his special comedy turn.


We had a better reception a couple of miles out of town at the Rising Sun in Leverington.

Si in civvies

One of the best landladies of the year, forcing tasters on us and regaling Si with tales of licking Lawrence Delaglio.

it’s a lifestyle, not a job” said the marvellous Maggie.

Not much Elgoods in the Guide, or at all. This one at Christchurch (not that one) won’t be getting there either, though it did see my Dad enter a pub to reminisce about when he played in the Cambridgeshire League out here and got kicked to pieces in the days before VAR.

And it all looks so tranquil. But as we know, farmers can be vicious.


13 thoughts on “WISBECH – ON THE BRINK

  1. Glad to read that you’re coping mentally with the lock-down, Martin. It must be extra hard for a person like yourself who loves journeying the highways and by-ways of Britain and bringing us details of all the interesting and often quirky towns and villages you visit.

    And then there’s the pubs! This situation will eventually resolve itself and when it does, we will experience a real sense of renewal, as well as appreciation of what we have been missing.

    In the meantime, please continue your write-ups and reflections on the places you have visited. The re-writes often reveal details we might have missed first time around and, from my point of view at least, they are inspiring me to visit some of the amazing places we have in these fair isles of ours.

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    1. Very good points, Paul. “A sense of renewal” is a beautiful phrase.

      It’s interesting how the body reacts to being effectively imprisoned. I’m feeling much tired and lethargic compared to when I got up and out by 7am most mornings for work and travel.

      Stay well.

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      1. I believe it was 2018. We were on the way to the Greater Waterbeach area. Further proof to me that flying visits aren’t the best. I think we didn’t give Wisbech enough time. Not sure if we will make it back there though.


  2. I went to Wisbech once, to visit Elgoods. The beer reminded me of Donnington’s. Recipe unchanged since wartime austerity in other words. The town itself was just odd.


    1. Your theory has legs. In fairness to Elgoods, there are very few pubs where the licensees could care less about the Bitter. It was very good in their brewery tap, and, er, that’s your lot. Same as Arkells I guess.

      Donnington is just swill. But their pubs are marvellous.


      1. Donnington is owned by an Arkell of course. I saw some of their beer being advertised for sale online, but decided to pass on it.

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