Next stop on the Fens Flyer was Leverington, tantalisingly placed two miles out of Wisbech, and thus far too far for BRAPA to walk.  I was here a couple of years ago;

At the bar Simon discussed the imminent Cloudwater delivery with our old school hosts.

Sorry, wrong pic.

At 12.30 we were the only custom, which seemed a shame as it’s a lovely village pub. Our hero landlady, Maggie, told us that all three pubs down the road had closed. No doubt an AVC application, accompanied by young children posing outside the pub for photos of the EAT, will follow.

If all pub landladies were as great as Maggie no-one would spend their evenings at home in their underpants with bottles of Cloudwater.

“It’s a lifestyle, not a job” she said, a quote of the year.

Samplers were offered and politely refused. I succumbed to the grapefruit murk as DES.

Actual grapefruit

A proper publican, who even had the Guide to Being A Publican on her bookshelf.

Such a shame that Maggie was a fan of the evil Union, regaling us with tales of licking Lawrence Dallaglio at a Wasps match.

Simon feigned interest, then asked her to colour in his silly book.

We left with a song in our hearts and a great quote about some idiot or other.

“You can vote, you can breed, why are you so #### daft”


  1. Interesting to read that “the right way” text and see the line about the “white-coated barman.” Makes me wonder if that was common back then. I associate white coats with scientists and possibly people selling ice cream, but not bartenders!

    I loved your line about “If all pub landladies were as great as Maggie”; people really do make all the difference.

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    1. I remember when white coats were reserved for brewers, brewery workers just wearing ordinary clothes.
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen bar staff wear them though.

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  2. Now you’re taking the piss.
    Lawrence Diglaglio ?
    It’s not even close.
    Lawrence Dallaglio.
    It’s another bloody Hill trap.


      1. It’s not as good as cricket,the greatest game in the world.
        But I’d put it above soccer ball.
        I shall be in Limerick today for the much-anticipated Munster v Exeter clash and meeting up with a few chums from the West Country who have flown over.
        Sadly,however,for a number of reasons it looks like I won’t be going to the Windies this time round.
        I have thoughtfully notified Mount Gay Rum so they can cancel all overtime.

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      2. That’s hardly going to be a fair match with Munster’s population (1,280,394) being nearly ten times that of Exeter (129,800)


      3. Etu,
        Yes, England has fourteen times the population of New Zealand ( 66,573,504, 4,749,598 ) yet the All Blacks still try their best.


      4. Etu,
        Wales has over 10,000,000 sheep and New Zealand has 27,000,000 sheep.
        Has being greatly outnumbered by sheep got anything to do with playing rugby ?


  3. “Sorry, wrong pic.”

    It’s like I’m seeing double.

    “no-one would spend their evenings at home in their underpants with bottles of Cloudwater.”

    Apart from underpants and Cloudwater that is entirely not true of me.
    (wait, I’ve got that backwards)

    ““It’s a lifestyle, not a job” she said, a quote of the year.”

    My darling wife says the same thing about her cooking gig*, which would drive me round the bloody bend.

    * – for now; she’s prone to trying something new every four or five years**

    ** – apart from me of course! 🙂

    “who even had the Guide to Being A Publican on her bookshelf.”

    Hang on, that photo below looks familiar.
    (and you can’t fool me by applying one of your fancy filters) 🙂

    “then asked her to colour in his silly book.”

    Crikey! She coloured in the whole thing!

    ““You can vote, you can breed, why are you so #### daft””

    Heh. Reminds me of something I tell my darling wife (who rolls her eyes); you need a license to drive a car or own a gun or even cut hair (at least in the US I think), but any idiot can have a child. 😉


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  4. I surmise that AVC stands for Asset Of Community Value, but what do EAT and DES mean, Martin?

    I’m not too handy with these TLAs – or TALs as some might write 😉


    1. Here’s bit of the old devil’s advocate.

      Why do some people expect others to care whether they’re educated or not? Why don’t they take matters into their own hands and read books, or otherwise inform themselves, rather than believing that they have a right to slob passively on a couch, and be spoon-fed, what they need to know?

      And how is someone else supposed to know anyway, what each different person needs to know, to best lead their lives?

      It’s why we’re in the mess that we now are IMO.

      Here endeth the sermon.


      1. Oooh, topical.

        For the benefit of doubt, this blog is my diary, not an educational resource*. I expect it takes a lot of effort to get the cultural references, cross-county comparisons and acronyms, but that’s not my concern. That said, I’m fairly anti-acronym (AA) so will be Reduce The Acronyms (RTA).

        *Apart from the section “Reasons why you should avoid Maidenhead at ALL costs”.


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