I can’t say I enjoy writing these retrospectives, but I DO enjoy reading some of my old posts (and Pubmeister, BRAPA, LifeAfterFootball et al).

And blogging beats trying to find something exciting in Waterbeach.

Big skies over the Fen Edge


Look closely at the “Mon” symbol next to the cutlasses marking the Battle of Naseby,


where Curry Charles and I fought over our hoard of pork & apple pies and Scotch eggs liberated from Cradley Heath that morning.

Just because you’re Scottish, you don’t get to hog the Scotch eggs, Charles

Stafford Paul revealed to his Beer & Pub Forum fans he’d had 23 pints of Pedigree in the year up to Lockdown.

I don’t know if he’s been the the Wharf in Welford, but he should, as soon as the rail line is completed in 2037.

Until then, there’s a variety of arrival methods;

The Cheese Boat
Show off

The Wharf is probably in my Top 10 pubs, and impossible to recreate in your own front room with a home delivery of 500ml bottles of BBB and a Morrisons quiche.

Pub grub

No bottle, even one decanted into a Bass glass, can match the sulphorous snatch of the Pedi in the Wharf.

Perfect Pedi

Gentlefolk eating weekday specials, blokes standing at the bar talking refuse collection and Brexit in that dull hum of the everyman boozer.

Bishop’s Farewell being poured

This is the pub where Mrs RM was converted to the joys of twiggy beer.

Top chips

But the pub thrives on its location, the canalside garden the place to coax that last NBSS 0.25 out of your pint.

Pedi in the sun

This is where you get the upper-class intoxication the middle-classes just can’t pull off.

In 2017 I wrote;

Yes, a pub is about social interaction, bench seating and the risk that intoxicated folk will fall in the canal in their best suit. But it’s also about beer, and the Pedigree here is the best I’ve had outside of the Dead Poets in Holbrook.


I heard some terrific intoxicated conversation;

To 50p or not 50p, that is the question

I am a little treasure. Lean on me

You don’t get entertainment like that at home. Except when Mrs RM drinks 4 cans of Brew Dog in an evening.


8 thoughts on “WELFORD – POSH, P****D AND PEDI

    1. Hello lifeafterfootball839 I have been trying to work out who you are. Is the 839 in you name a clue eg 8 goals in 39 appearances or born in Aug ’39 etc. SOTV


      1. Hello there ‘someone!’ I played a few more times than that and bagged a lot less goals.👍 Like to keep a low profile but great to have another Blue nose on board reading 👍
        Much appreciated


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