The Bass love-in continues apace, I’m pleased to see, but I’d hate to see Pedigree written off prematurely.  Perhaps even more than Bass, it needs care, and a bit of time.

So I’m going to plug good pints of Pedi wherever I find them. Even outside Derby and Staffs, which sounds like sacrilege.

As the sun set on our West Wales Wobble, we pulled into Welford, an escape off the A14 of the highest order.


It’s not good to wobble when you’re driving a 6 metre campervan, but I assure you we aren’t responsible for the state of Postman Pat.

Why is his black and white cat lassoed to him ?

We edged our way into the Wharf,  noting proximity to a vast greenish, wet substance at the foot of the car park.

Proper Unpretentious Pub (PUP)

Readers who are still alive may remember the Wharf from last year, when a perfect Summer’s day gave us this classic shot.

My favourite Pub Life shot.  Ever.

and the greatest line ever uttered in a pub garden;

I am a little treasure. Lean on me

No upper class brawls this time round, but still plenty of outside diners staring at me, all willing us to crash our campervan into someone else’s posh car.  I gave up, and parked up the street on a scary slope.

At 1.30pm on an anonymous Thursday in May, the whole village was here, half of them at the bar.


Of course, when the only answer to the question “What can I get you ?” is “Pedigree please“, bar flies are less relevant.

And the lunch choice, from a short menu written in English, is equally simple.


Oh, that’s GOOD”  said Mrs RM, of the cool, fresh, chewy Pedi.  My sole mouthful (from the top, not the dregs) rated it an NBSS 4, and confirms the Wharf as one of the best places to drink Marston’s second beer in the world. For the best, from the jug, you need the Amber Valley.

Two massive fish and chips for £13 isn’t shabby either.  I’ll let you experts dissect the chips.


A village pub, just outside the village, with one of the highest beer sales you’ll see midweek in rural England.  That’s what quality beer can do.

Yes, I resented Mrs RM’s enjoyment of the Pedi a little bit, but I’ll be back. We may not be able to stick our campervan in their garden, but there’s B&B, and a boat we can squat in.

Goodness knows where we’d end up in the morning.


One of the finest pubs in Northamptonshire.  Or is it ?  Study the map closely.

14 thoughts on “STILL LIFE IN PEDIGREE

  1. Clicked on your West Wales link expecting to read about some pubs I have just visited in 9 days in Pembrokeshire/Camarthen with the Grandkids, but no it was North West Wales. I can thoroughly recommend The Druids at Goginan, The Farmers Arms in St Davids and the Ship & Castle in Aberystwyth.


      1. Ah yes, we did the Glengower too, a mere 100 yds from the Premier Inn. Very good Cider selection too. The Hen Orsaf wetherspoons was OK, interesting buiding as ever, lots of kids but offset by just over £12 for lunch including an excellent pint of Purple Moose. Once you have done these three , including the Ship and Castle, the rest are Studenty pubs and raucous wine bars.

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  2. “Why is his black and white cat lassoed to him ?”

    Judging by his appearance that might be the only thing keeping them both upright. (or at least the cat)

    “My favourite Pub Life shot. Ever.”

    I swear I’ve seen something similar on one of the other blogs. 😉


    Hang on. The other two can’t be blokes; they aren’t wearing a flat cap. 🙂

    “Goodness knows where we’d end up in the morning.”

    That explains the ‘vast greenish, wet substance at the foot of the car park.’ 🙂


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