Our journey round tourist Wales progressed five miles inland to the farming village of Llanarth, whose immaculate caravan park was conveniently placed 2 miles from civilisation. Lovers of the Fens (seemingly anyone but me) would enjoy the calm.  You could see the sea from one spot on top of the toilet block. The main activity of the other holidaymakers seemed to be dog-walking and TV watching.

Llanarth itself contained the inevitable closed Bethel churches (two tiny ones opposite each other), a Premier shop with overpriced lout, and the classic stone local.

QUIZ TIME – What beer did it have on ?

Actually, what beer was on the turned-around pump clip. I made a Sharp exit.

Plenty of choice in Aberystwyth, only our second visit to what felt like Llandudno with cheaper parking.  Not as sandy but a very gorgeous bay and top quality walking up Constitution Hill.  The string of small hotels near North Beach included the rather smart Glengower, whose bay windows gave views justifying £1.80 a half of Mantle (NBSS 3.5)

Classic seaside view

It’s the sort of place you get in Lytham/St Annes, where you can excuse a slightly airier style of pub as the light floods onto your posing table.  Other views on that are available of course.

I have exciting things to say about the town Wetherspoons but am awaiting legal counsel before I post those.

The rambling streets around the rambling castle are a delight, and helpfully I was able to lose Mrs RM just long enough for one more assignment.

No trip to Aber would be complete without a half in the Ship & Castle, the classic all-day boozer in town.

Ship & Castle, Aberystwyth

Straight out of the Ramsey, Isle of Man school of coastal pubs, it perhaps had a slightly more workmanlike beer selection than before, but that suits me fine. The Hafod Sunshine (I think) was cool and tasty (NBSS 3.5), the pub calm and chatty.  Still Aber’s best.

13 thoughts on “ABER ABER HEY

  1. I have visited Aberystwyth 4 times in the past year (all connected with the death of CAMRA stalwart Rhys Jones – did you see the slate plaque to his memory in the Ship & Castle?). I’ve also stayed at the Glengower twice – good rooms and great breakfast. There’s also a rather good Spanish deli which sells craft beers from Valencia.


  2. It looks as though the Nag’s Head – once a GBG regular but appallingly tatty on my visit in 2014 – is now permanently closed. Banks’s once had a good little estate in and around Aberystwyth, as it was a popular West Midlands holiday spot, and within a day’s round trip from Wolverhampton by dray, but little evidence now remains.

    Did you see the scary-looking Angel? And note the amazing opening hours!


    1. never went to Nags Head, only the Fountain on previous visit. Did pass Angel, looked intriguing !

      Plenty of Black Country buses at Barmouth, and a fair few accents in Aber as well. No obvious Banks’s


  3. 1977 GBG lists four Banks’s pubs in Aberystwyth – Downies Vaults, Nag’s Head, Talbot and Weston Vaults – and says “all Banks’s pubs in Aberystwyth sell real ale”.


  4. For the quiz, I would imagine anything from Brains is a QI obvious answer. Beyond that there is little logic available as Banks’ has been eliminated, so knowing you I will punt that you had intelligence that you would find Bass there.


  5. You’re underestimating the importance of the quiz to some of us who live vicariously through your adventures! I voted Doom. One for Brains. Release us from our agony. I said Doom based on your capitalization and the fact that it seemed to be in every other pub in Wales.


  6. Great Ramones based title. Think all your blogs should have a punk intro.

    Comparisons to Llandudno and airy poser tabled pubs in St Annes only add to my feeling that we should have taken Mum to the A&E here and not Shrewsbury.


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