You might know me best as an heroic pub explorer and incompetent blogger, but in real life I’m just an unpaid Joe the Taxi (not in a Vanessa Paradis way).

Matt was home from Barcelona (no craft bar ticks) two minutes before saying “Can I go to Cherry Hinton skatepark please“.  The lack of a question mark tells you it wasn’t really a question, but grammar is less important than manners.  Discuss.

There are better places to wait for your son for two hours than Cherry Hinton*.


Unless you like abandoned chalk pits.

Of five pubs a decade ago, three are closed permanently, and the sole boozer is shut for “refurbishment” before the eponymous Folk Festival next month, leaving just a family diner at the roundabout.

So I set off for Fulbourn.

Cherry Hinton.PNG

Past my old NHS offices, past excitingly flat fields,


past the windmill on the “hill”.


and into a genuinely pretty, if fast-expanding Cambs village.

Few pubs have been in the Beer Guide as consistently as the Six Bells over the decades.

Never change

I make a quick check – it’s still a Proper Pub.

Proper Pub -living proof

One large bar with three serving areas, and a public bar rather protected by the regulars, if you know what I mean. I go there anyway, and inadvertently send the barmaid back round the corner for an IPA, hardly hidden treasures.

Great handpumps

This is an old school village pub in the same style as my own local, though with a far bigger lunchtime food trade for the Business Park crowd.

Despite never having seen anyone actually play darts here, the public is still an exemplar pub room.

Conversation about kebabs, oddly

Most folk are in the garden, as we enter the last throes of Summer (joking, I hope).

A perfect summer beer (NBSS 3), in a reprehensible new glass. Copying Adnams again ?

Award winning GK IPA, duff glass

There’s two other pubs in the village, both Greene King, one a gastro monstrosity.  The Baker’s Arms was the sort of place you’d go after work for a drink before that sort of thing was made illegal.  I even had an interview for a job there over a pint of IPA.

Clearly an act of Satan has caused a change of name to Hat & Rabbit, recalling a hilarious event in April 1967 the older locals still laugh about.   It’s just finding its feet again after a period of closure, but it was too quiet to peep in and be nosey tonight.


The stroll back past one of Cambridge’s 27 Tesco stores isn’t a classic. Cambridgeshire hasn’t really caught the “deface public buildings and call it street art bug” yet.  This specimen dates back to the famous song written in 1892 about the bicycle craze sweeping the Fens.

Daisy Daisy

Back to Cherry Hinton, a large village devoid of pub life, but with plenty of takeaways and gambling opportunities.

What more do you want ?

Plenty of potential sites for future micros though.

Memphis Jazz Band playing here apparently

I got back to the skate park two minutes late.  You’d have thought it was two hours.

*If you haven’t seen the earlier Cherry Hinton post before, be warned it contains London Boys.


  1. “Unless you like abandoned chalk pits.”

    I would’ve thought that WAS the skatepark. 🙂

    “Proper Pub -living proof”

    Just had a thought. Can they pull you over for driving one of those while inebriated?

    “Conversation about kebabs, oddly”

    Perhaps, like the TV just above it, the dartboard should be closed when not in use. 😉

    “This specimen dates back to the famous song written in 1892 about the bicycle craze sweeping the Fens.”

    As flat as it is, bike riding makes perfect sense.

    “but with plenty of takeaways and gambling opportunities.”

    And maybe ordering from the takeaway is a gambling opportunity. 🙂

    “Memphis Jazz Band playing here apparently”

    It certainly looks like something you’d see in Tennessee.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have had a great time catching up on your recent posts.

    I could not agree more about the design on that GK IPA glass. The way it looks you’d think they were ashamed of the whole idea of making beer, and are trying to fool people into thinking they’re some sort of trendy internet start up. 😉


    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Spot on about the glass. Companies always say they’ve conducted market research and made a more contemporary design, but I’ve never been asked ! Whatever you think of Doom Bar (meh !), their pump clip and glass are simple and striking.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What’s happening in the world of pint glasses. The new Pedigree glass is short and squat. It’s awkward to hold and looks like it’s not a pint. I assume a salesman is using the line, Adnams are increasing sales because of their new design.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all about the ‘branding’ – look how much lager sells in those branded glasses; maybe that’s why it’s so popular. That’s probably the reasoning behind it all.

      I’ve sent in a proposition to the brewers of Bass and I’ll be waiting for Martin’s opinion of a pint of Bass served in a Stella style ‘Chalice’! (You know it can’t be far away.)


  4. I’m curious about this roundabout by the Robin Hood. I’ve obviously been traversing this crossing incorrectly all these years


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